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January 10, 2011
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January 14, 2011
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uTorrent 2.2 Freezes fixed soon

uTorrent LogoSeveral of our customers using the PrivateTracker/PublicTracker function have been experiencing issues with uTorrent 2.2 where the torrent client freezes and there’s high CPU usage when being used in conjunction with certain socks 5 servers.

The uTorrent developers have identified the problem and will be releasing a bug fix in their next build of uTorrent 2.2.1. This is NOT available yet so hang tight!

The usage of uTorrent 2.2 should also improve privacy and prevent traffic from leaking out of the VPN as well which was a bug in previous versions of uTorrent.


  1. ZackleR says:

    Sure thing bro :3 still using 1.8.5 version :3

  2. Taufique says:

    utorrent’s 2.2.1 current Beta build’s still having this problem, infact, more than the 2.2 version.

  3. WildwestGoh says:

    Great, waiting for this good news.
    All I was wonder if that’s my PC problem and right now it came to light, good job finding the problem bro.

  4. Torrent also microTorrent or uTorrent is a freeware proprietary BitTorrent client for Microsoft Windows Mac OS X also available for linux via WINE written in C and localized for many different languages.

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