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February 5, 2009
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February 8, 2009
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Using our VPN on multiple locations

Let this be a reminder that we do not allow our VPN to be connected in multiple locations SIMULTANEOUSLY. We only allow one VPN connection running at one time from one IP.

That means:

Let’s assume you are using it at your workplace and your home.

Scenario 1:

When you are at home you use the VPN but when you leave the house to go to the office, you disconnect from your home pc, and then connect to the VPN on the office PC.

This is allowed.

Scenario 2:

You connect to our VPN from both locations (your office and home) at once.

This is NOT allowed and will be caught by our system which will alert us to take action.

We have seen certain scenarios where users have connected to 4 different locations while paying for only one subscription. In effect you are consuming the resource of 4 users while paying for one. This is an abuse of our service and will result in a warning first and if it’s not rectified within 24 hours, a summary termination of your account without refund though we are of course willing to forgive provided that you confirm that you understand the breach and will not repeat it again.

We have begun issuing warnings and terminating repeat offenders. Thus far 24 people have been found doing this of which 3 have been permanently terminated.

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