US Surfing Streaming Temporarily Down (update: no longer)

US Surfing/Streaming to be Upgraded
June 24, 2009
Firefox 3.5 is now out!!
July 1, 2009
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US Surfing Streaming Temporarily Down (update: no longer)

The current US-Surfing Streaming Server has exceeded its bandwidth and we were unable to get the new server up in time to replace.

There will be a short downtime while we rush to bring up this server and update the configurations.

Will post updates!

Update #1: We have received the server from the hosts and in the process of configuring it.

Update #2: Server is now up and running. Configuration files have been updated and are available to members who have got their support access fully upgraded in our support forums.

Once you are logged in properly, go to the BolehVPN Config File thread and follow the on-screen instructions.


  1. R W says:

    Just curious to know when is this anticipated to be back up? Thanks.

  2. R W says:

    Ok… it’s a bit of a shame since this is the weekend.

    Nevertheless, looking forward to the service being up again. Thanks.

  3. Royce says:

    R W, I know how you felt. But perhaps Reuben also has his difficulities. His current situation is just like:
    The current provider f**ked you up, all you can do is nothing but just wait. Still have to wait for other people’s help. And the help on the way is delayed because of some reasons. For example, time differences between United State and Malaysia. Backup and restoration. Ahhhhhhh…! Well, that’s life anyway. 😛

  4. R W says:

    Reuben… great to see the service back so quickly! Great work man…

    Now I need to apply for Support Access…. !

    Thanks & keep up the good work!

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