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August 8, 2013
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September 8, 2013
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Updated Refund Policy and Free Trial Option

We have updated our Refund Policy and added a Free 1 day trial option upon request from feedback from our customers.

We now accept refund requests due to technical issues in the first 14 days of your subscription for packages 30 days and above.

Thanks for the feedback guys!


  1. Indingo says:

    I don’t like the one day trail accounts. This will be abused so much and will hurt the paying users quality of service. Also all the IP’s will get banned on popular sites because of idiots using one day accounts to spam and what ever else.

  2. Indingo says:

    Trial* Also your feedback is probably from spammers wanting to abuse the service.

  3. Indingo says:

    Honestly, don’t pander to VPN review sites. They will all always recommend HideMyAss, and StrongVPN. Why? Because those company’s pay to leverage results in their favor. Try not to bend to their will, its all fake advertising anyway. I do hope BolehVPN’s IP’s don’t get banned as sadly this is the fate with another VPN called Mullvad. Please take care Reuben.

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