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July 4, 2014
A few clarifications on the IPT takedown and proposed solutions
July 5, 2014
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Update regarding the IPTorrents account

You may have noticed that our IPT account is down today. Unfortunately our account has been abused too much, this latest incident is due to someone abusing our freeleech status to rip torrents from IPT and post them to public websites.

This is a huge abuse of IPTorrents rules and as such they have deemed it too big a transgression to let slide. Our IPTorrents freeleech account is shut down and will not be making a return.

However, we have negotiated a deal with IPTorrents where we will have a few hundred  invites to the tracker to give to our customers for free. Each invite is worth about 20 USD and gets you your own account on IPTorrents. These accounts will not be freeleech, nor shared, use and maintenance of ratio will be your responsibility.

If you are a 180 day+ subscriber, just drop us an email about this ( and we will send you an invite.

We’re really sorry about the inconvenience, but due to heavy abuse by inconsiderate users, we’ve been forced to this. Please remember to follow the rules of IPTorrents, especially regarding hit-and-runs, seeding, sharing, and don’t post private torrents to public websites.


Edit: Reuben posted a bit of clarification and explanation here:

Do let us know your ideas on how we can come to a better solution in the comments of his post.


  1. Jack Maverick says:

    This mega sucks! No more freeleech?! No more killer ratio?! Why.. why would someone do this? 🙁

  2. paul wong says:

    Again? Is there any possibility of charging a fee for getting the old freeleech account back through Boleh instead of it being a free service? I will start by offering a yearly buy price of USD 250 payable to Boleh per annum

  3. Jack Maverick says:

    I’m with Paul, but maybe abit cheaper? 😛

  4. Trevis says:

    I’d say the same, make it an add on for that access. In really bummed about that going away, it was super useful. What jerks for ruining that!

  5. paul wong says:

    Jack, I also wish it to be cheaper, but my opening bid was taking into account to leave out those not appreciating the IPT service. I leave it to Boleh and their good judgement to assist us. I also want to ensure Boleh knows that we members appreciate this service. If Boleh thinks USD 250 in unworkable, maybe they can suggest a new sum too. My two cents…..

  6. Gus says:

    This is a major disapointment! IPTorrents (freeleach) is the main reason I remain with Boleh. I think Boleh management should be doing everything possible to get this service back. I know I have recommended their service to many people based on the freeleach account with IPTorrents. I believe without this feature Boleh just becomes another of many VPN services available.

  7. neth says:

    damn.. i only subscribeb to bolehvpn for d freeleech ipt.. guess there’s no more reason n its expiring in a few days.. luckily didt get d year subscription lolz was tempted but i knw long term deal will end up fking me back life lesson applied there :3

  8. D says:

    The person who did this is a sad cretin. Thanks to bolehvpn staff for providing a decent alternative, although it will be a challenge for a a casual user to get a decent ratio on that site.

  9. Cheong says:

    Same reason with the others. I have been yr subscriber for many years. In the beginning, the VPN was to hide my downloads. Now telco seldom blocks, thus ipt was my primary reason for staying with BolehVPN.

    I also hope you can work something out . Else there will be no reason for me to continue too.

    Thank you.

  10. Kingsley says:

    Not knowing IPT was no longer in service, i went and renew my account today….. Only to realize that it is no longer in service…. 🙁 Felt like been cheated.

  11. Ketuk2 Ramadan says:

    Then, I guess bye-bye BolehVPN… at least for now..

  12. Jack Maverick says:

    Whoa.. much negativity.. everybody calm down! I’m sure the good people at BPVN are trying to work things out, no point threatening them with your subscriptions. Just give it some time, maybe a week or so to sort things out.. Jeez… Things like this don’t get solved overnight.

  13. maxbudin says:

    Like many here, I subscribed to Boleh for the security of the private site like IPT, for no other reason. I’ve even taken Boleh promo for additional years for this reason.

    At the same time I can understand IPT’s ruling in trying to keep them out of trouble and if in the same situation, I would probably do the same to safeguard other IPT paying members. I foresaw a potential problem with our shared logon to IPT when many times the password had to be reset.

    I propose a soloution if Boleh finds it workable and can be implimented, also if IPT is agreeable with this solution.

    For all those Boleh clients who wish to have Freeleech IPT access. A fee may be collected from each Boleh client and the sum total is paid to IPT yearly.

    Boleh then setup a unique Username and Password for IPT access under My Account (where the bonus used to be) for each paying client. Clients gets banned for expiry of IPT fee, not changing IPT password 1/2 yearly or breach of IPT rules.

    This proposal offers Boleh customers freeleech, but each account is trackable and resposible without thaking down other paying members.

    I undersand of course that there will be a little more maintenance and other work for Boleh. But I believe the way Boleh has already implimented automation in its client management, this add on feature will continue to make Boleh a viable competitive top 5 World service.

  14. Gus says:

    I am not sure that Boleh management understands the importance of this freeleech account with IPTorrents! I hope all Boleh subscribers voice their disappointment by posting here and also sending emails to boleh management. Without this service Boleh becomes just another average VPN provider. There are many of these providers available and some offer other perks and are cheaper. It is so sad that a small number of abusers can ruin such a great service for the rest of us! Please let Boleh know about your disappointment.

  15. shajack says:

    they’re giving out invites for those who bothered to email the management…on any other days it worth RM66+ but it’s free,just the bother of maintaining the ratio so keep seeding and I guess everything’s peachy.

    else u could just donate USD20 to iptorrent and resume our daily life

  16. maxbudin says:

    Yes guys, I’m with Jack Maverick. Cool down. Its easy to just post critisism in negativity, thats cold.

    Instead, why not offer solutions and support. Boleh chaps have been good and delivered on their promise of quality service. Lets give them some help and space to work out something for us. I dont mind topping a tad more annually so long as I get freeleech from any good private tracker. If IPT has good business sense, they might want to review how there can be a win win solution.

  17. Anthony says:

    agree with maxbudin. otherwise no point of continue vpn as my primarily thing is because Freeleech IPT access. please reconsider the decision. thanks.

  18. Penanguy says:

    Thanks Bolehvpn for everything. Sadly I won’t be renewing as my purpose for using your service is because of IPT. Now it’s gone, it’s time to look for something else. Luckily I did not renew my subscription which ends in a few days.

  19. shahrilz says:

    one of the reason i subscribe to 1 yr of bvpn is for the ipt, and agree with paul, maybe we can have ipt as an add on paid service

  20. maxbudin says:

    Me thinks this is sabotage to bring down BolehVPN by killing off IPT bonus. No?

    Conspiracy theories anyone ?

  21. Anthony says:

    maxbudin, I believe the possibility is there due to business rivalry otherwise people just plain “dumb” and keep repeating the same old mistake.

  22. neth says:

    ok ill play d bad douchebag.. u guys clearly dont understand wat im implying.. they already say wont be bringing it back no need to butter d bread any longer lol. clearly u dont understand what some others were saying here, some of us just subscribe to d quite expensive altho can look the other way because they do provide us with multiple location vpn server and i get d price. i just want freeleech torrent, i dont hv any problem with throtle for a while already and been subscribing for years nw altho nvr took d long term services coz i know all good things will come to an end, and i dont need an invite i already have ipt account for few years nw n still active its just tedious even with a seedbox, freeleech i can just download wat i needed n dont need to seed with malaysian upload speed save electricity and my download pc dont even hv to stay up so long.

  23. David Hong says:

    maxbudin I totally agree with your proposal. I’m willing to chip in annually as well. To be honest the main reason that I’ve been using BolehVPN for the past 8 years is for that shared IPT account which has become an everyday part of my routine. I’ve never touched the VPN service (or more like I’ve never seen the need for it..yet). With the freeleech account gone due to the scummy undesirables, this is a change that I’m not willing to accept without at least finding an alternative to recover something that has been part of my life for so long.

  24. hungryarchi says:

    IPT is the only reason I stay with Boleh. I just renewed for the two year option. What happens if I don’t get an invite? I dread having to maintain a ratio. I’ve gotten so use to downloading everything in high deff.

  25. Blitzoid says:

    One of the reasons why I went with 2 years and spend more money vs. other reputable Vpn providers was because of the Ipt account. Not too happy about this. We all suffer because of some cunt. I don’t have the upload capabilities to maintain a ratio either.

    So disappointed by this…

  26. Gary says:

    I have enjoyed the “Bonus” that Bolenvpn gave to it’s subscribers. Some idiots with no consideration for others screwed that up.

    Please take steps to castrate the inconsiderate selfish piece of shit that ruined the freeleach IPT connection.

  27. lemanlah says:

    Aiyaa!!!…just renewed subscription today…if no more IPT Freeleech ..i guest this is the last of me subscribing the bolehvpn after all this years… Admin please do something, cause most of us still stays with you just because of the IPT freeleech. Me too agree with the Maxbudin proposal.
    FYI….i have had a personal account with IPT but to keep-up with the ratio….it is ridiculously impossible with our internet speed….

  28. Jeff says:

    I am sad also about the lose of IPT. It the main reason I use Bolehvpn but its not the only reason. I always pay for 60 day service but I have been using this since like 2011 maybe even 2010 so along time. I would like to be in the freeleech long time users IF you did do that but If its only for 1year +addon fee well guess ill have to save up to get it.
    I have referred friends here and they use it some for IPT and other don’t care about IPT at all. I would like a invite but you say Only for the 180 day +, Please think about us 4+ year users that been with you a long time.

    Thank you

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