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July 7, 2014
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July 9, 2014
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Update on IPT Status for 8 July 2014

Dear Customers,

Our support team and several e-mails addressed to me have been pushing for an update on what’s the current status. This is just a detailed breakdown of what we’re been doing to resolve the situation and also to address some concerns and insults hurled at us.

Firstly, I’ve dropped an e-mail, Skype, and IRCed the IPT Founder but the other admins have not seen him in more than 24 hours. They have promised to let him know that I’m looking for him. I have done this several times. However, I have not received any word from them.

Secondly, I’ve received a minority of nasty e-mails saying that I’m hiding behind the fact that IPT was offered as a free gift. No where in our front page or advertising material do we advertise that we’re providing IPT access and it is very seldom mentioned unless directly asked or in personal support queries. Actually, no I’m not hiding behind the fact. It is the fact. IPT is a free gift offered at no extra charge and it was because of my friendship with the founder that made it happen. We have no other connection or affiliation with them. In fact,  it’s a horrible deal for IPT. I do understand that many have subscribed to BolehVPN because of IPT but it was never what I consider a paid part of our service. Of course I understand your disappointment as is my disappointment as well but to say that I’m not doing more and that I am obliged to restore access is crossing the line. If I cannot contact IPT’s founder, and he hasn’t responded, what else can I do on IPT’s side? None of the other administrators have the right to arrange this deal as only the founder has the power to do this. I unfortunately do not live in the same country as him and therefore can’t drive to his house and extort him to restore access.

I also refuse to give out the IPT Founder’s details as he guards his privacy jealously and understandably so. In fact, having you guys spam him or the IPT forums directly reduces the chances of having the deal happen. So if you want to spam their forums, go ahead, but what you’re doing is hurting our chances of the deal. There are already existing paid ways to directly pay to IPT and get upload credit. For a princely sum of 100 USD you  get 250 gb of upload credit, 3 invites and 6 months of VIP status. Think of it this way, IPT was only offering this deal to us because of friendship. The invites he allowed me to extend to you were also of friendship which would have also normally costed 20 USD a piece. We’ve had this arrangement for years despite many set backs and I’m thankful that he was patient this far. Why would he offer to you guys directly a deal that would be unfair to the rest of IPT users who have paid through their existing scheme?

We have also tried contacting other private trackers but without any personal relationship it isn’t a very good deal as most of these sites have their own mechanisms in paying for upload credit so there’s no reason to supplant that. In fact, IPT does allow payments for upload credit. Freeleech is no longer offered as an option as previously.

We were also looking at revamping our seedbox packages and also perhaps giving the opportunity for our users to seed back using our seedboxes. However this takes time and setup as well.

Be patient, give us time. If you have to move on to another VPN service because of this, by all means. Nothing is stopping you but we won’t be entertaining refunds because of this matter. All I can say is that I’m doing my best and that impatience and trying to take matters into your own hands will only make things worse. This will be my final word on the matter and I will not be responding personally to matters that are already dealt with in this post. Also, we are running out of invites fast (and although IPT founder has agreed to replenish it as and when needed), until we are replenished we may run out. I was hoping this would only be a stop gap solution.

To those of you who expressed support and understanding, thank you very much. It means a lot to us. We are working hard on it and will keep you posted.

Best Regards,


  1. Hidayat says:

    Whoever who didn’t read the whole rule and notice that bpvn only offered IPT as a gift should probably go back to school. Nevertheless, it’s also possible that these are the bunch of people that had made this whole issue prop up first. Anyway, thanks Reuben, you’ve tried your best. Back to TPB I guess.. Since you know, that’s why we had bvpn in the first place

  2. Liew says:

    Reuben, I’ve been a user of BolehVPN since day one, and part of the reason why i’ve subscribe is because of the IPT service. to those who has been abusing the IPT service, screw them. they’re probably the reasons why we’re balls deep in this problem.

    do whatever you can, over the years, i believe that you overcome many adversities with IPT and has always come with with a solution. naturally, i do want the problem to be resolved as soon as possible so that i know what to do with my torrent services. but if time can help us with IPT, then some patience wouldn’t hurt.

    do keep us updated, even if the updates are meaningless but there are some of us that genuinely wants do know.

  3. DH says:

    Reuben I appreciate you and your team’s efforts in this. Please disregard what the ignorant and foolish people say. I am on your boat and I am in it for the long run even though IPT was a mere free gift, it is something I’ve come to appreciate and cherish since day one.

    Thanks for doing your best in attempting to recover what we’ve lost and keep up the good fight!

  4. maxbudin says:

    Possibly, some here have worked in a service industry, people are people. Most make your day enjoyable.

    Many thanks for all your efforts Reuben and Boleh staff. You guys deserve better for your efforts and should not be faulted. Long ago I discovered Boleh by accident in LowYat whilst trying to find a way to circumvent trottling. Boleh the solution, I’m still here.

  5. Cobalt says:

    I second the appreciation of others. You run a quality VPN service. Keep up the good work. IPT situation is unfortunate, but it is what it is. Ignore the haters.

  6. Ian says:

    Thanks for your efforts. I am sorry to hear that you have had hateful mail, I am sure you will try whatever you can.

  7. pirataloco says:

    Thanks Reuben, trust you to do what is best.
    As for the invites for IPT, if that is an open option for the seedboxers, do lets us know, We help you seed good karma.
    and to the haters i say, go away please, we dont need you.

  8. Sammy1179 says:

    Thanks for the update Reuben. Sorry to hear you’ve had some nasty correspondence. Good luck in sorting the matter out.

  9. Feedme says:

    Thanks Reuben.

    Greatly appreciate the time we’ve had with the site. If donations would help, post a link… If it’s going to be opened again, of course.

    What if you had 2 logins, one for reasonable people, and a super limited one for everyone else 😛

  10. Blitzoid says:

    Hateful mail is probably from the same assholes that abused the generosity of Ipt.

  11. BuffaloBell says:

    This seems to be a good time for that famous saying… “this is why we can’t have nice things”.

  12. Abhi says:

    Hi, Regarding the IPT issue, could we request them to provide separate passwords and userid for different users? This way, the access to IPT could be withdrawn the moment the subscription to the vpn ends. I think it is fair for all of us who pay for the access long term. If IPT is not in a position to do this, bolehvpn can just change password for the account after a user’s vpn subscription ends. (sort of like an IT admin at a company)

    It will also enable IPT to figure out if their website is being abused. they can track individual users and related activities better.

    If privacy is your concern, the IPT user ID and password for each user can be created by bolehvpn and posted on the login page for the site.

    I am not entirely sure if this is viable, but just a suggestion.

  13. RoyBlue says:


    I really appreciate all the effort you’re putting into getting all these matters sorted out. You definitely are going above and beyond in providing the service for us.

    To the rest of the users,

    I’ve been with BolehVPN since 2007, never once have I had a complain on the service – whenever there are technical issues, Reuben and his team have always been there to attend to my queries (even tho some of them may be stupid)

    Indeed IPT was a really nice bonus, but it was never the reason I got the service in the first place. To all you wankers that resort to sending hate mail and spam, man up and spend USD20 on the donor invite and get your own access.

    Once again, I ask you to have a hall of shame, a list of users who have abused their privileges. Indeed the notion of VPN being privacy but these idiots have breached the privilege of that.

  14. Indingo says:

    Reuben, please don’t let the jerks get to you. You still have a lot of great and respectful users here that won’t jump ship because of IPT. I myself used the IPT account sure, but would be completely happy if you were not able to restore it. You have a great VPN service with great support that is well worth the money, without the “free gift” IPT account. My only advice is to not let it get to you, many of us are very loyal customers that support whatever choices you make here. I wish you the best with getting this resolved, and remember there is still loyalty and respect here, don’t think everyone of your users is out to get you because of these jerks complaining and making your life hard because of IPT, just know that some of us really appreciate what you do, I hope you can at least take some comfort in that.


  15. Oscurro says:

    Reuben, thanks for the update, and although I am disappointed that the IPT founder has not as yet responded, I do really appreciate what you and the staff are going through to resolve the matter; and I think updates of this sort are very helpful. Without a doubt the convenience and accessibility of IPT certainly spoiled many of us but I always knew is was a gift and it’s duration was uncertain. Best of luck to you all in getting cooperation from IPT to move forward with a reasonable solution.

    Additionally, given the fact that we are using one of the best VPN’s in the industry there are several public sites available that do not keep ratios and do not require seeding back i.e. ”The Piratebay” “RARBG” or ” Demonoid ” among others. Personally given the security offered by BolehVPN I can’t see why people would not access some of those sites (even if some d/l are slower).

    Looking forward to your next update, good luck.


  16. Peter C Goh says:

    Hi Reuben,
    I will support BolehVPN regardless. I also appreciate what you are trying to do for the members of BolehVPN, me included. Like what i tell my staff, “You are paid a salary to do your job. A bonus, is just that – a bonus. Nowhere in the company’s guideline or the contract says that you are entitled a bonus”. So, As bolehVPN subscribers, we are subscribing to the VPN service, and not a IPT freeleach account. That was a bonus.

    Hence, I am behind you and your team of BolehVPN a 100%

  17. pangolin88 says:

    Hi Reuben,
    Thanks for the update. With so many posts supporting what you are doing, I don’t really need to join the crowd.
    Just ignore any hate mail. Thet are just from retarded kids who whine and scream when they do not get what they think they are entitled to.
    I have not even applied for the individual account. I will leave it to you to solve the issue in your own time.
    Life still goes on with or without IPT

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