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July 5, 2014
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July 7, 2014
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Update on IPT Status 6 July 2014

I have sent a proposal to IPT and am awaiting their reply.

Most likely, if it pans out there will be an addon payment (albeit a much discounted one) that will go directly to IPT to support their running costs but such option will only be available to long term package subscribers. It may be freeleech or it may just be upload credits to help you get stuff. Of course these are only proposals and we do not guarantee that IPT will accept them but we are doing our best.

Our support team is being swamped with requests and we’re dealing with it as fast as we can but we hope that users can check our blog for regular updates to reduce the workload. We’re also available on IRC when we are around.

I have read through every single comment posted on the blog and we thank those of you who have expressed their support and understanding. Also, I would like to make it clear that this is not a ploy to get more money from you guys, we have had IPT for so many years now and we’ve been working in dealing with all the abuse cases that crop up every time. Any additional addon money would go to IPT, not us. In fact, we don’t want to have anything to do with handling money paid for IPT.

Besides the frequent IPT password hijacks, we’ve had people posting IPT torrent files to public forums (linked to our ID) which is what triggered the current ban, sharing our IPT details, spamming their forums and even try to fake ratioย (I have no idea why?). We were fully prepared to continue dealing with it but it is IPT that has lost patience and not our decision that had pulled the service.

Posting hateful comments actually make the problem worse, as I have linked these posts to IPT and I’m sure they are monitoring it. Show them that the most of you guys are genuine, responsible users who really appreciate the service rather than people who are just there to suck IPT dry. I truly believe it’s only a few bad eggs that are ruining this service for everybody.

For those of you who have been asking whether we will consider implement logging to catch abusers, no, we will not do so as this will undermine privacy for everyone which is still our primary reason for our service.



  1. D says:

    Thanks for your hard work and keeping us informed, I’m sure it’ll work out nicely before long ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. maxbudin says:

    Thanks to you and your staff Reuben.
    Also to IPT for keeping the comm channels open.

    So the complains lists as follows.

    1. Frequent IPT password hijacks.
    How to stop nuts from nuts giving out the passwords, no idea. Perhaps its some users here who use the account without using the VPN as evident from some posts here reg. the Maxis fiber user etc.

    In fact, I much preffer that we are locked out from forums and from the profile page where the password and other user preference can be configured. Access is only open to Boleh.

    2. Posting IPT torrent files to public forums.
    Still can be done by some nutter even if a none Boleh user. In this case it has Boleh ID.

    3. Sharing our IPT details.
    No idea for what purpose other than sabotage. How details could be used no idea, though understandably keeping low profile is better. I can see how difficult it is to filter certain ‘agents’ from accessing IPT. And these guys try to creep in all the time.

    4. Spamming their forums.
    As far as I know I cant even enter into their forums to view comments. Its locked down. Only access is to rules.

    5. Try to fake ratio.
    Stupid to try this and why on a freeleech account. Who ever it is must have been using it on other sites and forgot to turn it off when visiting IPT.

    Anyone have any ideas/comments by all means pitch in.

    Lets try our best to comply with IPT and make it more comfortable for them to want to host us. If IPT has any more, lets hope we can hear about it , find resolution before being locked out.

  3. hurtnet says:

    wouldnt your long term subscriber who doesnt have 1 yr or more subscription b considered in? i mean i dont take long subs but i always renew and been here for years already

  4. maxbudin says:

    hmmmm … looks like people only interested and more concerned about getting in rather than sorting out the root of the problem that caused all this.

  5. hungryarchi says:

    Thanks Rueben. Im still in favor of the seedbox idea. Also can you elaborate on seedbox pricing if you already have the VPN service? Its not very descriptive on the seedbox page.

  6. paul wong says:

    reuben, thank you and your team together with IPT for being patient and having the wish to sort this out and assist Boleh members. my personal view is that i have grown accustomed to Boleh and IPT and in my opinion, the freelech account is worth my hard earned money for its variety and ease of obtaining the HD movies that i watch. My opening bid earlier in my comments is a reflection of this fact and i am sticking to it. so whatever solutions Boleh and IPT come up with, i am sure will be a good one and if so, i will continue with this valuable service.

  7. Gorg says:

    To Boeh & IPT:

    The solution really is individual accounts.
    Please consider creating a package for these accounts. Boleh will administer the invitations based on account criteria. I would suggest the following:

    1] Account age. >6 months.
    2] Length of subscription. 180 days minimum.
    3] Bans: A ban of the IPT account *can* also lock the VPN account [subject to review by Boleh].

    The above would:
    1] Increase revenue for IPT.
    2] Place individual users in charge of their IPT account to face whatever consequences they incur.
    3] Abuse would not just impact the IPT account but VPN access as a whole.

    My 2c

  8. Jack Maverick says:

    To the IPT staff who are reading this:

    First of all, allow me to thank you putting up with us for so long. I understand that a few BVPN members have been abusing the Freeleech account given to us, since we don’t know who these particular son-bitches are, all we can do is apologise on their behalf and hope for your forgiveness.

    They say you don’t know what you got, till it gone. This is case and point, really. My logs say that I’ve downloaded close to 50TB of data from IPT since 2008, I’m sure there’s much more prior to that. I’ve read that IPT is the MOST underrated private tracker website on the internet, and by Zeus it damn well is. Even if this deal with BVPN doesn’t pan out, I’d understand and still wish you guys the best from the bottom of my heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

    To the BVPN staff:

    I’d say that allowing only long-term subscribers is the logical progression to rectify the issue, but I think it shouldn’t stop there. There must be some way to keep the account in check and monitor the usage to prevent something like this to occur again. I’m no expert in the matter so I’ll leave it in capable hands, I’m just saying this current solution doesn’t solve the problem, it just reduces the chances of it recurring. A more long term or accurately, a permanent solution should be kept in the pipeline, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    Just keep in mind that you do have more than a few hardcore supporters and don’t let the haters and negative feedback poison you. We thoroughly understand that you’re trying your best and have no expectations, after all, shit happens. Thanks, for being cool. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. maxbudin says:

    Jack Maverick, Amen ! what you said. Solid.

  10. Rando2438 says:

    Once again…I am basically ignorant about the technical aspects. But would it be possible for Boleh or IPT perhaps to require the password plus for Boleh account users a PIN number for the boleh users. I don’t know if PIN numbers would stay attached to the trouble makers though since I am just guessing here.

    I remain unsure that 1 plus year subscribers is any sort of real solution…since the trouble could just as easily be coming from someone in that group…how can you know?

    Is a series numbered password possible? Would this stick with the person posting on public sites?

    Lets face it…the anonymous part allows the bad apples to do whatever they want. I am afraid charging more to long time subscribers will not solve this problem in the long run. Anonymity must be stripped from IPT users if they choose to use that free gift. Then they will behave…until they figure a way around that. Have you shopped with other sites?

  11. Ian says:

    With the links to the IPT accounts, there is also a link to the email one registered with bolehvpn; this then goes to ipt; such concerns me as defeats the point of using a vpn. Can the email linkage be linked to s specific account but via boleh?

    Also thank Boleh for trying to sort this out. It was a great gift…

  12. Blitzoid says:

    Love you guys, hopefully something can be worked out so the twits are weeded out.

  13. jayell says:

    Thanks so much for working on this Reuben. I do enjoy using IPT and I try to be responsible. I’ve been using Boleh for so many years now and I think that you have always run it professionally and treated your customers well.

  14. meh says:

    “In fact, we donโ€™t want to have anything to do with handling money paid for IPT.”

    No? Don’t feel like laundering money for an illegal enterprise? haha. The whole thing puts your company at risk.

    “spamming their forums”

    You were doing so well and then you had to go and lie. It wasn’t possible to visit their forum with the account.

    Password change shouldn’t have been possible but I can see some dummy sharing a torrent file and that’s a problem. So that I will accept

    5. Try to fake ratio.

    People running clients that they don’t know what they do.

    3. Sharing our IPT details.
    No idea for what purpose other than sabotage.

    Maybe you should think a little. Either helping a friend, or reselling them.

    It’s all about money and the people on that site are morons. The comments were unbearable. They have no idea how this works. Where the material comes from and how they’re hated. People who post torrents there would lose their ftp access if it wasn’t know what they’re doing. Those seed boxes aren’t free and they don’t upload to make strange guys they don’t know happy.

    • Reuben says:

      Spamming their forums was done before they locked our pm and commenting features down. I was listing all abuses. You can check the blog I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

  15. infernalaa says:

    Man, it’s too bad that a few bad apples have ruined this for us.

    Thank you for the invite and the great customer service! Now to get my ratio up quickly with some freeleech stuff…

  16. Patrick says:

    Oh man, I love IPT and hope you guys can work something out. I really do hope you find out who was doing that stuff. I haven’t felt this sad since demonoid went away. I would love to become a member there, and would gladly donate for that opportunity.

  17. ericong says:

    Dear Reuben,

    I’ve been your customer since 2009, For the beginning, I’ve subscribed 30 days VPN service, then 180 days and now yearly subscription. Using your VPN service is because of the throttle streamyx line. After that found out there is a lot of good stuff from IPT. Now IPT is one of the reason I stay with BVPN besides of secure my internet line from telco.

    My suggestion is, how about a 2 layers login to IPT, just like M2U. First login by using BVPN ID, then IPT will know is from BVPN user, second layer login will be individual ID, whoever try to mess up again will causing his/her individual ID ban and won’t cause trouble to other BVPN user.

  18. Pirataloco says:

    IPT is like heroin…. Just give it to me!

    Jokes aside, I’m all for whatever Rueben decides
    Increase cost?, OK, sure lest do it
    Private IPT account? Why not?
    Seedbox only users, yah ok. I’m in.
    BVPN management team has never let me down, I leave them to come up with what’s the best solution, and thanks!!!

    I’m all itchy and can’t stand still anymore, cmon man just abit… I blow you for some access… ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. markystarky says:

    First off I’d like to thank all the folks at BolehVPN for their hard work in creating and maintaining this great service. I’m a relative newcomer having joined in 2011. I’ve been using services like IPT and IRC for years and came to the point of needing a more secure and private way of cruising the net. I researched VPN services and liked BolehVPN’s policies and the service it has to offer. For me IPT was just icing on the cake. I will continue to use BolehVPN for all my internet usage and hope that a solution can be found.

    And if anyone from IPT reads this, thank you for your great service and I hope you will work with BolehVPN.

  20. gashbell says:

    I dont use IPT at all and I dont know whats going on right now but please,

    Listen to Reuben

    Support Reuben, support BolehVPN.

    I’ve been with them for 5 years now and that is the best 5 years in my life.

  21. Oscurro says:

    I just read Reuben’s update and although I am disappointed that the IPT founder has not as yet responded, I do really appreciate what Reuben and the staff are going through to resolve the matter; and I think updates of this sort are very helpful …

    I do have a question which I’m almost embarrassed to ask because the answer may seem obvious so, here it is: Given the fact that we are using one of the best VPN’s in the industry why aren’t people using ” the piratebay” “RARBG” or ” Demonoid ” among others to get what they need? Am I missing something?

  22. Chong says:

    I have been using the iptorrent account since I have been given my own account username and password . But now since that we have our own iptorrent password and account, after a little while, the iptorrent account will forbid me from downloading. The condition to continue downloading is either to seed or to donate to the iptorrent account. Is there any way to resolve this?

    Anyway, thank you to Rueben and his team for trying to resolve the issue.


  23. Nicholas says:

    I’ve just renewed 1 year without knowing I wouldn’t be getting IPT freeleech.

    I already have my own ID but I don’t abuse it as I had the ID about the same time I started bolehvpn which is about 2 to 3 years ago…

    sigh… so what am I to do with the subscription?

  24. Nicholas says:

    Sorry just checked I’m more than 3 years with IPT and Boleh…. and never have I abused it.

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