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July 25, 2014
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July 27, 2014
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Update IPT Solution Beta Test 26 July 2014

To all current BolehVPN IPTorrent account users. Please keep your ratio above 0.2 in order to view the BolehVPN Special Donation.

If your ratio is below 0.2, you will not able to see the BolehVPN Special Donation even after we have added your IPTorrent username to the whitelist.

In that case, please send us an email stating your IPTorrent Username and we’ll send an email to IPT to fix your ratio in order for you to donate for the Freeleech status. Please stop all downloads so that your ratio is above 0.2.

Happy Downloading!


  1. philmathew says:

    Just wanted to know do we have to maintain the ration thing even after the donation? and exactly what are the benefits of donation ?will I get permission to request or get dome upload credit etc?

  2. redshift says:

    It’s extremely easy to maintain a 1:1 ratio on a freeleech account. None of your downloads are counted during the freeleech period, but your upload does, and you’re also immune to hit and run. My ratio right now is close to 200 and climbing.

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