Undersea Cable issues still persisting

New Canada server added, Genesis and Entourage decommissioned
April 3, 2009
CounterStrike Servers down for a day
April 7, 2009
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Undersea Cable issues still persisting

We notice some improvements on the quality of the line but there are still some customers who are still experiencing slowdowns.

It is noted that repairs are still INCOMPLETE as evidenced by calling 100 and listening to their announcement there.


  1. my says:

    My streamyx connection only restored up to 70% of the normal speed.
    Connection to US & EU countries still bad.

  2. Whimsy says:

    GYAAHH!!! I can’t dl movie files from hostlinks like Megaupload, Sendspace etc…after a few kbs, the stupid thing just stops
    moving!! I hate TMnut!!

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