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January 31, 2008
Service Restored and Apologies from the Host
February 1, 2008
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UK Server Issues

We are experiencing issues with our UK servers which include our Seedboxes.

As a result, a small minority of you might be unable to access the VPN while this issue is being rectified. Also seedboxes are offline as well.

It appears to be a host related issue and we have already sent a support ticket for their review.

Time: 4.36 PM (Malaysian Time) 31 January 2008
Ticket ID: IXV-919453
Department: Dedicated Server Support
Priority: Critical
Status: Open

Will keep you guys updated.


We have received a response:

We experience a power problem in one of our Data Centers, engineers are on place working on that issue and it should be sorted out very shortly. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

We will evaluate the situation and if further outages occur because of poor reasons such as above, we’ll consider switching all these UK servers to a different host.

Update 11.27PM Yer Momma so fat she got hijacked!

Most UK servers have restored connectivity except Yermomma and BolehRoute.
BolehRoute server is still down for some unknown reason probably due to the intermittent problems of the host while Yermomma’s IP has been hijacked probably due to their technical fault on the host’s side.

Yes hijacked…When we try to login into the server, the server prompt is a totally different one which shows a totally different OS. Go figure. 😀 Way to go hosts!

Will look to slowly phase out using these hosts when we can.

Update: 12.26 AM Yer Momma is now online

Hosts have restored the connection.

The server that had taken you IP address has been taken offline.

Thanks for letting us know.

BolehRoute is still undergoing a look through as they believe the power outage might have killed something.

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