TorrentMax – A failure and a rip-off (not that it matters anyway)

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June 19, 2009
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TorrentMax – A failure and a rip-off (not that it matters anyway)

Remember the time when we announced that Torrentmax was having a new site hosted by us?

Well that deal has fell through. We were renting it to them at a very minimal profit on the understanding that they place our banner on their website. Now I knew this probably wouldn’t generate much new interest (and it didn’t) but I agreed to rent it to them by virtue of one of my friends being in that site’s staff.

Now back to the issue. I’m being accused of being unfair to them.

Fuall is the founder of Torrentmax.

The issue started when Fuall had no funds to support Torrentmax and one of his staff (and my friend) Mike paid on his behalf through Paypal. Things went well until there was a fallout between Mike and Fuall where Mike said that Fuall had no intention of repaying him for all the money paid to him (in the region of about AUD$700.00 for many other miscellaneous things I was told). Mike contacted me and wanted me to take the server down until Fuall paid him back.

I told Mike that I could not do that as although he paid for the dedicated server, Fuall owned the information inside the box and the TorrentMax site. I strongly urged Mike and Fuall to talk it out. Mike said that Fuall was not picking up his calls or answering him. So I decided to help out by contacting Fuall and telling him that I wanted them to resolve it as Mike paid for the server and was wanting me to terminate. I told Fuall that Mike since he paid for the server through Paypal, Paypal would recognize him as the owner if the dedicated site and should he launch a dispute, I would be in big trouble. I also strongly urged Fuall to make a backup.

Mike kept on pestering me to take down the server which I didn’t.

Fuall and Mike talked it out and although they didn’t resolve all their differences, as far as I know there was a payment arrangement that was done and Mike was satisfied at that point (though I don’t know if he has received all the payments).

Suddenly, a week later or so Fuall demands to talk to me and says it’s in my best interest to talk to me. They found a new host and they are moving out. I am actually ok with that but he insisted I join his IRC channel in front of his staff and told me something along the lines that he was ‘sick of my ways’ and wanted to tell me how wrong I was.

Now he brought up an old incident when one of his seeders Mcnick (who rented a semi dedicated from me) who was seeding for the Torrentmax site fell into arrears with me. He was about 2 weeks in arrears but I kept his box on and asked Fuall what he wanted to with it since I knew it was being used primarily if not solely for the Torrentmax seeding with a LOT of torrent files inside and didn’t want to disrupt their site. Fuall agreed to pay on his behalf and as I had no idea what mcnick’s password was, I changed it and handed it over to Fuall along with all the data inside intact. Mcnick had been issued an expiry notice and I never heard from him. I was told that he would contact me, but he never did.

Fuall then used this old incident and said that he knew how I operated and quoted this example saying that I should not have given the semi d to him as it was under Mcnick’s name and it was a contract between me and Mcnick. So this puts me in a funny situation:

  1. If I did not hand it over to Fuall, he would have accused me of not handing the box over for what he paid (even if it was on behalf of someone)
  2. If I handed it over to Fuall, I’m accused of breaching Mcnick’s privacy which I know here is NOT an issue since I did take a quick look at it and it was doing a gazillion torrents with TorrentMax’s tracker on it.

It is funny that Fuall never made a big deal about it until he wanted to denounce me. He would have crapped me over anyway if I didn’t hand it over. And who was the one who induced me to do it anyway?

Torrentmax has now nothing to do with us and we recommend all our users to stop using their failed site anyway which has barely grown since its inception.

Fuall should you wish to make a comment here to protect yourself I will approve it, but seriously, you’re a real messed up individual who likes to fuck people over and then to stroke your ego act as if you are in the right.


  1. naz says:

    what a loser

  2. rapeace says:

    sore loser

  3. ShadowTek says:

    That’s a shame, especially since I’ve been getting a lot of good torrents from their site, many over their past 3 weeks of freeleach.

    Their site does need some work in various areas, and their torrent selection wouldn’t be very good or reliable if it weren’t for a handful of dedicated uploaders that they have.

    I’m glad you tried to help keep Mcnick’s seedbox alive, as I probably leaching from it at some point. lol

    It’s also a shame due to the fact that this was a somewhat reasonable alternative to IPTorrents, who are painfully tightassed about their list of approved torrent clients.

    The only other private tracker that I was using was PassThePopcorn, but their new points/upload-credit system has made it impossible for many users, including me, to use them in any regular manner.

  4. jEDi says:

    yes.. real loser..

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