TMNet IPs beginning with 175.x.x.x = Suck

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March 5, 2010
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TMNet IPs beginning with 175.x.x.x = Suck

We have been receiving several reports that people getting 175.x.x.x with Streamyx have limited connectivity to a couple of international sites. It doesn’t seem to be restricted to P2P sites or show any evidence of censorship so we are unsure  what is going on. Changing the DNS also does not seem to work. The only way it was overcome was if someone used our VPN and proxied their surfing through and then the sites became accessible again. Read the ongoing discussion here.


  1. Allen says:

    i began notice streamyx slow from evening thursday and back to normal friday evening. i’m not getting 175.x.x.x but 115.x.x.x. have to restart router to get better ip than 115.x.x.x. i also notice 118.x.x.x are better than 60.x.x.x. this really weird cause no announcement in their website about maintenance.

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