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April 5, 2010
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April 6, 2010
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TM throttling HTTP downloads too?

I’ve been experiencing a strange phenomenon with HTTP downloads especially in particular the download of Blackberry Desktop Manager from the Blackberry website.

Without VPN turned on, I get about 10 kB/sec to download the 259 megabyte file of 501_b073_multilanguage.exe.

However when turned on using PrivateTracker Obama v2, using FoxyProxy with DNS through the proxy disabled, I managed to get 120-180 kB/sec on a single thread!

See screenshot below:


  1. ZackleR says:

    oh god, and there i thought it was the line… so i need the VPN now even with the seedbox? xD

  2. kmx says:

    Yes, same here..

  3. farulg says:

    Haven’t tried the blackberry website but downloading from apple.com is fast. Traceroute shows very low latencies so I’m guessing the download site is in Malaysia or at least very close.

  4. onephatcow says:

    I’ve noticed it depends on time of day too, sadly. Feels like some locations are blocked/throttled at certain times of day, then mysteriously ‘work’ hours later. Completely random too, and not necessarily IP related

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