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December 3, 2010
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December 17, 2010
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TM Streamyx International Cap Relaxed?

From Izlyn VP of Corporate Comms via Tentris’ post yesterday:

Btw, pleased to report the team has been hard at work and we are completely changing the parameters and optimizing international bandwidth tonight. We have analyzed the profiles of the complaints and have confirmed that the majority are heavy users. Of course our real concern is the pact to non heavy users and business customers. Hence we will still maintain some form of traffic management.

BUT it’s important for them to know that there is an order of priority for business users and high end packages specifically.

We will report back officially tonight but hope you an relay the message that there should be substantial improvement past midnight.

Looks like shaping will remain but should be a lot better now. I would appreciate our customers on Streamyx to test this out themselves by doing regular tests to a Singapore server and comparing them to TM’s own Speedtest results.


  1. Manmohanjit Singh says:

    Yeah I noticed! Great news.

  2. Jiunn Yik says:

    SDSL Enterprise

    Speedtest: 1.4Mpbs download / 1.5Mpbs upload
    TM: 1.4Mpbs download / 1.5Mpbs upload

  3. Yee Hiong says:

    beware… something worse might come after this cap.

  4. keith says:

    We’ll see in a week’s time.

  5. Yee Hiong says:

    just found that unifi is service down… could be the reason all streamyx got the speed restored.

  6. mavie21 says:


    singapore fiber speed

  7. Dom says:

    yes, its uncapped now.
    streamyx package is at 4mbps, downloading torrents through bolehvpn at 399kbps.
    let see how long this will last!

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