TM removes bandwidth cap on HSBB @ UniFi…for now

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March 26, 2010
TM reducing speed of some 1.5 mbit connections down to 1.0 mbit
March 28, 2010
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TM removes bandwidth cap on HSBB @ UniFi…for now

In a recent Twitter post, TM has removed the bandwidth cap on HSBB @ UniFi for now. With so much invested in making available HSBB and TM eager to get new subscriptions it is of course worried when the general feedback from the public was outrage at the bandwidth caps. After all, how are they going to get new subscribers if there’s so much negative press? There have been some calls that this was due to the power of social media, but I also have a feeling that it has a lot to do with the press’ decision to vocalize these opinions (see TheStar’s report).

However I suspect that this is not the end of the issue. TM is the company that installed P2P throttling devices despite public outcry. The fact is that there wasn’t a valid alternative provider and that’s why they could afford to do that. Its loss in revenue from pissed off customers (who probably couldn’t afford to cancel in any case) were offset by the massive savings in bandwidth. Now who’s to say they won’t slap the bandwidth cap back on once HSBB has a higher take-up rate and you’re already bound with your 12-24 months with them? What are you going to do? Not pay andΒ  be internet-less in protest? Good luck with that.

It’s also worth nothing that TM can’t even get their UniFi site together. It refuses to display on Firefox despite updating to the latest Flash player.

Note the additional 's' at the bottom πŸ˜›

Even on IE8, although it loads, it shows a code error and clicking in the Packages does not seem to do anything!

Love the boy's expression

Launch day wasn’t that much better:

Let’s see a year or two down the line how this pans out. For now, I’ll be still trying to get my damn 4mbps


  1. Reuben says:

    Let me make a guess that the new ‘nickname’ for UniFi will be UniFail…

    You heard it here first! πŸ˜› lol

  2. cupacabra2 says:

    what is the use of high speed if cap. πŸ˜›

  3. adam7979 says:

    90% of the internet’s activity is contributed by p2p, can’t blame them oso la.. .. kekekekekekeke

  4. onephatcow says:

    Meh, TM’s supposed high-speed is like a mockery of the bandwidth available in other countries anyway…not that I wouldn’t be grateful for faster speeds, but with the uptime of reliable speeds in the gutter regardless of what speeds we are paying for on regular DSL, I’m not holding my breath for their HSBB service to be any better.

  5. eddie5a says:

    Clicking on the package does do something… but it’s sooo subtle. I had to click like a million times before I noticed anything. The only thing that changes is the icon that tells you what the download cap is.

  6. Allen says:

    streamyx epic fail…so this unifi epic fail…..who want to subscribe so pricey package,tmnut think malaysia citizen are all rich.why not upgrade streamyx,wasting tax payer money.those money invested should be use to help the poor and not make them more poorer.

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