TM reducing speed of some 1.5 mbit connections down to 1.0 mbit

TM removes bandwidth cap on HSBB @ UniFi…for now
March 26, 2010
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March 31, 2010
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TM reducing speed of some 1.5 mbit connections down to 1.0 mbit

TM in the past gave 1.5 mbit in general to all users but it seems that some users have had their connections pushed down to 1.0 mbit although they were previously enjoying 1.5 to 2.0 megabits.

oh ya.. btw, the other day i PMed you about my bolehvpn connection was at low speed. previously i managed to get about 180kbps download, nowadays only 110kbps at max.

i found out that my streamyx download speed has reduced from 1.5M to 1.0M. I think TMNet has reduced that. that’s why i get only 110kbps nowadays.

This from one of our customers…so if you’re having low speeds, best to check first if TM has reduced your speed by doing a test at Speedtest.


  1. adam7979 says:

    or login to your modem and check out the connected speed …..

  2. neptern says:

    I’m using 1mbps package but getting almost 2mbps.Stlll capped at 2mbps on the router page on my end.Downloading is quite slow nowadays.Unifi taking all the bandwidth?

  3. AiyaSad says:

    Using 4mbps package.Capped at 4mbps(Most of the time getting speed around 3.2mbps).But this few days using bolehvpn also the download speed is really unstable.Unlike previous time at least get 100KB/s.Most of the time can get around at least more than 200KB/s.This few days always only around 0-50B/s for a long period of time(unlike last time,if got only few hours of slow speed).Afraid Unifail suck all bandwidth,this is never an unusual scenario if TM act like this(They are not well prepared for any major upgrade,like prepare sufficient bandwidth for so called ‘unifi’).Sad.

  4. Nix says:

    I thought I’m the only one who have this problem. Since the beginning of March until now my download speed is slow down to 20-90kbps. I keep make complaint to TM. Seems like this doesn;t really have after I read you guy’s post here. Previously my downloa speed stable on 170kbps all the day, for around 1 year. sad……

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