International cap FUP on TM will be tweaked and if no improvement, removed
December 1, 2010
TM's Capping will not be rolled back or removed, borders on lying
December 3, 2010
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TM possibly capping local connections as well

I am receiving some reports that TM may be capping local connections as well regardless of type. Not sure what they’re up to now and whether this a last ditch attempt to fix their throttling mechanism.

You can verify this by doing a test to the Kuala Lumpur or Seri Kembangan server.

Or even visit their own Speedometer.

Would like some customer feedback just in case this just an isolated problem.


  1. RAN says:

    I can’t even load the speedometer page. So, I used .

    Ping to KL serve from Kajang: 46ms
    DL speed: 0.54Mb/s
    UL speed: 0.39Mb/s

  2. darren says:

    Ping to Seri kembangan server from kuching 108ms

    DL- 1.29mbps
    UL – 0.41mbps

    on 1mb package

  3. Naton says:

    DON’T YOU DARE!!!!

    i’m still at my usual dl speed on local: 166kbps
    but the damn cap on international is still on: 50~70kbps.

    TMnutz FTW!!! YAY!!

  4. Steve Chong says:

    I am stay in balakong which really near Sri Kembangan.

    Speed Test result:
    Kuala Lumpur
    DL – 3.35 mbps
    UL – 0.31 mbps

    Sri Kembangan
    DL – 3.48 mbps
    UL – 0.34 mbps

    DL – 0.38 mbps
    UL – 0.38 mbps

    For other international server
    DL – less then 0.40 mbps
    UL – around 0.35 mbps

    There is quite weird why cyberjaya server also get cap. I thought is only for international only.

  5. keith says:

    Everything is fine so far on my end.

  6. adam7979 says:

    business fix ip (RM418 per month one) 1mbps package.

    foreign HTTP download: 40KB/s
    local HTTP download: 150KB/s

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