TM announces slow browsing to Europe as well

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December 10, 2009
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December 16, 2009
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TM announces slow browsing to Europe as well

Streamyx is reporting a slowdown in surfing to Europe over their automated helpline. No explanation has been given. Seems like the tech support lines are pretty jammed packed as well as Wolffeh was on hold for 10 minutes without any tech support picking up his call. They’re also still playing that ‘Conficker’ worm crap.

This will have a significant impact on VPN speed for Malaysians as a good proportion of our servers are located in Europe. The US connection doesn’t seem to be performing that well either.

In other words, you’re screwed for now.

We will keep you updated when we receive any further news.


  1. kivor says:

    hope TM will fix this asap as I need to renew my VPN account. ^^

  2. I loled says:

    It seems that the London Internet Exchange (LINX) are currently experiencing problems. Our connections to LINX are no longer carrying traffic and this is having an impact on some clients who would normally cross LINX to reach us. We do not currently have information on the precise cause but the issue has been reported by other IPs connecting at LINX.

  3. teohhanhui says:

    It seems like not everyone is affected by the slowdown yet. I was surfing/downloading happily until everything slowed to a crawl. Reconnecting twice got me an unaffected IP. Back to high speed, at least for now…

  4. Raymond says:

    Yeah right, even Malaysia to Malaysia also affected.

    Downloading a file from IPServerOne’s server and it is going at 25kbps when I can normally download at 150kbps.

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