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The Pacific HBO Miniseries Review

The Pacific has been receiving tons of publicity on the TV series and with some big name producers like Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, I thought I’ll give it a go. This review is written after watching 6 episodes out of 10.

The Pacific strikes off as very typical male fare…epic battles, lots of gore, inexplicable sex scenes and characters whom I have a hard time feeling for.

Let’s talk about the good first. The battles do evoke an epic feeling especially the night battles which really immerse you into their world…Watching it in HD and in surround sound…and you almost forget you’re in the comforts of your living room. Unfortunately, that’s all the good there is to it. Well ok, Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack is typically heroic so that’s a plus.

For the rest of it…I found it hard to like. The parts where there were no fighting was mostly about 3 things:

1) Soldiers and their chicks (almost all of Episode 3):

The cursory goodbyes, the VERY QUICK courtship…and then sex…makes it hard to feel for the characters. The sex scenes seem slotted in and do little to advance the plot. Guy and girl stare at each other for a while, say a few things and bam suddenly they’re REALLY in love. Perhaps that’s how things were in the 1940s…

Episode 3 was a whole bunch of crock shit though it did give us the opportunity to delight in some Australian beauties: Claire Van der Boom and Isabel Lucas.

2) Soldiers going crazy/emo

Soldiers frequently go crazy or emo and I believe you’re supposed to go ‘Oh gawd, war is horrible!’ but it seems overdone as I believe in every episode at least 2 people go nuts.

3) Soldiers giving each other a hard-time

Now even with soldiers giving shit to each other, often it’s inexplicable why they’re so jack-assed beyond ‘It’s war, we can do what we want’. For example, the guy that watches the new recruits clean oil drums cause he ‘enjoys watching newbies sweat’ or the part where the officer steals a chest with a nice gun in it from one of his subordinates, we’re given little context beyond people being assholes. It struck off as way too cliche.

It was almost as if the director was trying to fit every single horror of war in each episode and rehash that. Yes we know war involves flying body parts, yes we know it makes people go nuts and we also know that it makes soldiers inhuman. But stop shoving it in our face every single time?

But I feel that isn’t the reason why it made it so bad. The real reason why everything seems so contrived is that there’s little character development so any ‘horror of war’ just seems slotted in. There’s either bad-ass, scared white boi or emo shit. It’s hard to actually feel for such characters to the point it was hard for me to distinguish between certain characters. Heck, I don’t even remember their names.

Should you watch it?

Depends…if you want to see some nice battles, by all means! If you are expecting an engaging plot, then probably not. As for me, I’m going to continue watching to have my living room reverberate with the sound of Japanese bombs pounding American positions…and the sound of Americans pounding Australian ladies.

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