Thailand OK with Twitter Censorship. What Countries Will Follow?

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February 3, 2012
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Thailand OK with Twitter Censorship. What Countries Will Follow?

If you haven’t hear yet, Twitter has made some changes in its policies to the effect that now the site will be able to block tweets in certain countries. More than that, Twitter will be able to block tweets inside specific countries, but leave them open to the rest of the world.

It also looks like some people are fine with this. Thailand became the first country to openly approve of Twitter’s decision, how many other countries will follow suit? This also begs the question of whether or not censorship should be an acceptable thing, worldwide. Twitter has been a key player in many protests over the years, but will it no longer suffice? It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

“The decision isn’t a major shock for Thailand; the governments of both the previous Democrat party and even the current Puea Thai party have been pouring ever-more resources into hunting for online content supposedly defaming the king. Thai leaders seem to have little understanding of how these witch-hunts are damaging their global image, and putting them in the same category as major media abusers like Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. China quickly jumped to support the Twitter policy as well.”

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