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July 13, 2010
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July 16, 2010
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Test Server – Bypassing Firewall

We have activated a new server that is capable of bypassing most firewalls setting. If you can browse to https sites then you have 90% chances of bypassing those firewalls.

Since this a low end test server, we are limiting the server to a maximum 25 users simultaneous connections and only allowing access to private trackers during this test period.

However we must warned you that the performance is not as good as the other servers due to the TCP behavior which requires a very stable connection between the hosts and your desktop. We recommend this server only to those who has no way of getting out using UDP protocol and also to those who are using other ISPs that totally blocked UDP. Penangfon/Sentralfon etc users may benefit from this.

Access to this server is open to ALL PAID subscribers (New and Current). Please give feedbacks on the performance if you are using this successfully.

Please send an email to support[at]bolehvpn.net to request for the configuration file. Slots for this is limited, so hurry up.

Thank you.


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