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July 9, 2014
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Testing out a new country!

Hey guys! We’ve just brought online a new server in Taiwan. We’ll be testing this out and seeing how well this performs as well as how popular it is with you. Please update your keys and configs from the Settings tab of the BolehVPN client (hit Update Configurations), or update them manually if you’re on a custom setup.


Let us know how you like this server! Depending on how well it goes, we may or may not make it a permanent server.


  1. Indingo says:

    I was testing, the Taiwan server from a UK connection “out of curiosity”. I found that with a ping of about 300ms, I can still watch streamed 720p content. I am surprised with that, I won’t be using this server past my testing as there are servers much closer, but I thought it was interesting as it may well now be the fastest server in the east asian region. I would recommend against google DNS but its up to you guys.

  2. Imori says:

    Speaking of which, what are the chances of adding a Japanese server?

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