March 5, 2013

BolehVPN answers Privacy Questions

A lot of people have been asking us our response to these questions so I thought I’ll set them out here. 1. Do you keep ANY logs which would allow you or a 3rd party to match an IP-address and a time stamp to a user of your service? If so, exactly what […]
January 18, 2013

BolehVPN now accepts BitCoin (Trial Run)

Many of you asked us on whether we accepted BitCoins. One of the main problems with BitCoins was that in Malaysia, exchanging BitCoins into Malaysian Ringgit was a very troublesome process and involves massive transactional fees which did not make it viable. We think we finally found an acceptable solution to this and […]
November 12, 2012

Acceptance of Prepaid Visa Gift Cards (that restrict country use)

For our customers wishing to use prepaid visa gift cards that restrict country use as an anonymous method of payment, we now have a reliable way to accept this with minimal hassle. As you may have realized, certain gift cards (especially those from the US), have recently restricted payments to payment processors outside […]
April 20, 2012

Ultrasurf Unsafe?

Recently there have been some allegations against Ultrasurf saying that the popular anonymizer might not be as safe as it claims. Jacob Appelbaum, developer at Tor, posted an in-depth review of the security issues he found with the service which allowed him to track down individual users. Basically, Appelbaum reverse engineered the network […]
April 4, 2012

Most Wi-Fi Security Can Be Broken (Including WPA2)

Many people know that WEP security on Wi-Fi is easily broken, but very few know that WPA and even WPA2 secured networks are also at risk. With the release of a publically available open source tool called Reaver, now almost anyone can crack most WPA and WPA2 networks. In short, a huge percentage […]
March 12, 2012

Using VPNs For Protection From Deep Packet Inspection

  With the rise and fall of the SOPA and PIPA bills (not to mention ACTA), Deep Packet Inspection has come into wider circles of conversation, but it is still something often forgotten about when discussing data security. Since it can be used to protect users from privacy and slow connections, many people […]
February 25, 2012

Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

1. Use A Good Browser Do not use an out of date version of Internet Explorer. Although Microsoft has updated their browser pretty well recently, it just happens to be the most popular browser: the more people use a particular browser, the more hackers and jerks who will try to make victims of […]
February 18, 2012

The end of file sharing, or the beginning of online privacy?

Megaupload was taken down forcibly, and just recently BTJunkie voluntarily shut down its servers. As we’ve mentioned before, Filesonic has basically stopped being useful by disallowing 3rd party downloads. So what does this trend mean for online sharing as we know it? It may mean that people are beginning to find new and […]
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