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June 12, 2009
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June 19, 2009
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Streamyx Worsens

Streamyx after a few days of reprieve, nose dived today with many sites being barely accessible.

Let’s hope that the next round of maintenance on Friday/Saturday resolves these issues.


  1. angry angry really angry says:

    Thanks for clarifying this. I thought I played with some settings that made my P2P speeds dive down real low.
    Now my speeds are like x0.2 of what I’m getting usually.
    Thanks, with this, I’m relieved.

  2. 4lenangel says:

    After so many ‘upgrade exercise’ all i get is the service become worse n worsen,
    the quality of download really sucked can’t finish dl via MU(dc in Mid),
    only torrent workin by now.
    better pray for another isp covering my area.

  3. dokidoki says:

    haha…they only upgrade their revenue not service fact…previously 1mb share by 100 users..this upgrade enable them to share 1mb to 10000 users…

    at the end..increase profit …haha

  4. ken says:

    Sucks tho , The Connection and the routing to overseas is so freaking bad .

    few years ago , surfing to overseas website and play oversea games – 100% lagfree . Now even slower than the snail .

    We pay for quality and this is what we get .. Frankly , quite dissapointed . Top ISP in malaysia not because it is a good ISP but TMnet is supported by the government. =.=”

  5. aaa says:

    anyone feeling any improvement at all?
    its almost monday and it still sucks!

  6. 4lenangel says:

    After the second upgrade this round,
    i dun see any improvement at all,
    my ping become even more crappy!
    Needless to say more…

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