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September 30, 2009
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Streamyx Slowness Spreads

I am now experiencing a slowdown in surfing as well with some sites refusing to load. Kuching may be possibly affected as well in addition to Penang/Kelantan. No news from TM still.

Update: appears to be a nationwide issue now…Cyberjaya servers are also affected.

Update: Calling 100 returns an announcement that the slowness is due to the Conficker worm (no idea how true this is as this has been going on for months)


  1. Han Jin says:

    I’m Exeriencing slowness in Bangsar, Bukit Pantai and Mid Valley.

    Facebook has refused to load and some other websites like logmein as well…

  2. dokidoki says:

    now in KL and PJ area we also facing the slow down….

  3. light says:

    2 Kbps dwn, 3-4 Kbps up .. i’m in kelantan.

    and around noon, ONE Kbps or slower..

    this, my fellow streamyx victim, is NOT slowness. it’s snail-speed. provided to you by~ Snailmyx …

    seriously, streamyx don’t got a clue?

  4. Allen says:

    another conficker worm story….or just say another excuses. i really like to hear they say our servers are congested and cannot coup with overload traffic. i write down our problem in najib blog, for sure let our prime minister hear our cry.

  5. teohhanhui says:

    Lol everyone is on the same boat now… = =

  6. haris says:

    They’re still peddling that conficker BS?

  7. Alvin says:

    also facing the slow down in Ranau,Sabah…it’s been few days already….

  8. blamethrower says:

    From Sabah, sites are loading poorly, even local sites (some don’t load at all!). At first I thought it’s just me, but then I found out that…MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

  9. Jesse says:

    they will probably blame the earthquake and undersea cables…

  10. Benz Aliff bin Malik says:

    They’re going to blame it on the earthquake in Indonesia or the typhoon in Philippines. Place your bets people.

  11. Wolffeh says:

    5 bucks on the Indonesian earthquake.

  12. Sureash says:

    That’s strange as Microsoft released security update in Oct 2008 to protect against it.

    I would not be suprised if the dumbass tech guys at TM came up with that excuse.

    I have met some of them before in a customer program organised by TM.

    Talking to them was like talking to a dog. All it does is wag its tail and drool on you.

  13. Atavus says:

    Hmmmm, are all these reports coming in from users on proxied connections? I don’t seem to be affected on Bolehroute. Surfing seems fine on fully routed connection.

  14. Jeffw says:

    Heck of a slow in Penang, Can’t even check my office e-mail from home…

  15. Gundalang says:

    I’m from Kota Kinabalu experiencing slowness both with the enterprise and the home package as well.

  16. Jonathan says:

    I have been suffering poor lines since last weekend. The line is slow in the office, and at home,

    Sites affected, although not all the time, – Facebook, Amazon, MSN, Yahoo, Yahoo mail, blogs etc.

    I am beginning to suspect the govt is going ahead with its filtering practices, and screwed up and somehow we all are paying the price.

  17. AlleN says:

    The connection nvr even better since Typoon Marakot incident,
    but gone down to hell…
    even worst after Raya!
    Malaysia !!!HELOB

  18. dokidoki says:

    other than the conficker worm..if you listen further..there is another announcement on they doing some network upgrade which will affect klang valley user.

  19. Sureash says:

    TM always claim that they are doing some kind of upgrade. Even if it is true, how can they do something that effects their customers.

    Do you think the banks are effected? Definitely not. Financial institution pay TM millions to ensure smooth and stable connection.

    I have spoken to their head of consumer (Rahimi) and VP for Consumer (Jeffery) and they in not so many words agreed that end users are put on 2nd tier compared to corporate.

    These so called upgrade they are doing is probably the fiber for the high speed broadband they plan on introducing next year. TM is planning on moving to fiber completely starting next year.

    My guess, their system is screwed and while recovering it, come out with a bogus reason that they are upgrading.

  20. Hurtnet says:

    argh…!! cant even play games on fb

  21. Deanchu says:

    TMnet really su*k.. retarded sevices by TMnet.. Miri line is damn slow like siput.. haiyoh.. I guess this month, they will come out with new excuses.. probaby Tsunami hitting somewhere so they are pulling out all cables .. haha.. damn TMnet .. need 3G in miri (Digi) urgent ! 😉

  22. Benz Aliff bin Malik says:

    Tried to open streamyx website and i got this…

    Warning: include(main.html) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/streamyx/main.php on line 51

    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘main.html’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in /home/streamyx/main.php on line 51

  23. GameSky says:

    Conficker issue again? That’s like so yesterday… So all the tech supports in tm are noobs then >_> …

  24. Alvin says:

    internet seems to be back on track just a bit…abel to load site than can’t before…hopefully it’s get much better soon…

  25. AlleN says:

    It’s been over 2 mths my dl speed nvr pass 60kbps(bt,direct dl or both at once),
    but hey im currently dlin with average 80+kbps,
    its a sign of recovering?or not?
    watever…a good start =p

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