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Streamyx Slowdown 16 March 2010

Malaysian Users Only:

As at midnight today, there appears to be severe issues with TM Streamyx connections that is happening nationwide which is affecting even general surfing. No announcement has been made on this issue.

Even local sites seem to be affected so it seems to be unrelated to the undersea cable faults that was posted on the 6 March 2010:

For your reference the post is here:

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to announce that its consortium members have detected multiple cable faults on the Asia Pacific Cable Network (APCN), Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2), China – US Cable Network (CUCN), Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 3 (SMW3) undersea cable network due to the recent earthquake in Taiwan.However, the cable faults have not affected TM’s services thus far. The Company wishes to assure its customers that it will keep monitoring the network to make sure that customers enjoy uninterrupted Internet and telephony services.

TM would like to advise customers who experience any service disruption to call TM Contact Centre at 100 or e-mail us at

And we all know what TM means when they say ‘have not affected TM”s services’ :P.

Update: As at 8:34 PM 16 March 2010 some semblance of normalcy has returned by pings remain higher than normal to even Singapore so gamers will still be affected for Malaysian subscribers. Some international routes also appear to be iffy.


  1. 4lenangel says:

    Since 2 days ago my Streamyx dc a few times everyday,
    nvr act like this b4,
    so i wonder if this is the issues =/

  2. krychekz says:

    since yesterday…19 march 2010…i ping google…and the result was 900…even simple website google…can be that high…wat happen to the streamyx…

  3. Fist Of The North Star says:

    as of now 700ms ping to local sites, need I say more

  4. SouthEast Of Asia says:

    I hope that SCREAMYX, will fix this problem soon.. It’s REALLY FCKED me up..

  5. Lyle Nigro says:

    NEW incredible Stuff,

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