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April 13, 2009
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Streamyx site doesn't load

As at 12:25 pm (the last I checked), does not load….

Anyone else experiencing the same issue?


  1. Rider Ankabut says:

    I got in.

  2. Weng says:

    yeah, iagree, cannot downloading speed is about 3kb per second.
    Whole ****ing day just to download amvb file that is only 200MB
    thinking of changing to other service. Any suggestions?
    Stay in Kelana Jaya

  3. Clieman says:

    It is loadng for me. But totally can’t access

    Seems like they have a very rough day.

  4. dragonball says:

    just tried. Can’t access the site and the line is very slow in accessing other sites.

  5. Rustum says:

    I can’t seem to get it to load either. Have been busy getting TMNut to get my line working properly for weeks now . . .

  6. liciece says:

    I could visit it…

  7. Bryan says:

    Won’t load for me either. And I’m getting 2k bandwidth. That’s worse than 14.4k, for God’s sake.

  8. Twizted says:

    surfing very slow…
    and BT is slow too !!

  9. kowol says:

    even with 39 seeders dl still far too low around 30-40 kb/s, b4 strmx issue can reach 170kb/s,.man I hate this company n d fucking government 2

  10. zaqplm says:

    Yup… confirmed it doesn’t load at all. (15-Apr-2009)

  11. my says:

    Streamyx won’t load. E-mail down. Y’day my line down. I called up the so called technical assistant and was ask to on/off the modem , do direct connecting , ping to my own pc …. this is stupid. A monkey could do their job.
    I scold the shit of them and the line was up this afternoon. Well, we are dealing with life form at streamyx with brain small that monkey. Communicating in civilized manner simply will not work.

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