Streamyx Restoration Complete (according to TM), how's it for you?

Streamyx down nationwide
April 15, 2010
Looking for Beta Testers for New Payment / User Admin system for BolehVPN
April 19, 2010
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Streamyx Restoration Complete (according to TM), how's it for you?

TM has posted an announcement stating that restoration has been completed, however we want to hear from you guys.

Has your internet recovered? How is surfing and gaming? How are downloads?


  1. required says:

    OK for everything now

  2. adam7979 says:

    honestly… takda rasa…. maybe yesterday i too busy… kakakaka

  3. 10frame says:

    Ping test to from Kota Kinabalu Sabah:

  4. no says:

    streamyx service is worse than ever! frequent disconnections

  5. allen teo says:

    sabah and sarawak still farkin slow…slow slow slow!!!!!!!

  6. pitboss says:

    Worse is that most locally host mail servers are not sending or delivering or accepting mails. Our smtp server for activation keys is down and so is my office mail server. Not sure its the mail server or due to TM screw-up. Big dilemma whether to perform maintenance or wait till the storm is over. HSBB konon.

  7. damn it says:

    from Kota Kinabalu Sabah, as of now Streamyx is anything but restored. I’m struggling to order pizza

  8. damn it says:

    almost like someone dropped EMP bombs all over the place

  9. Green says:

    Calling 1300882525 is a lot faster.
    Sabah is still slow.

  10. sibea says:

    subang jaya @ a quarter of normal speed….

  11. bryan says:

    Still slow here in KK, Sabah.

    Restored? I.DON’T.THINK.SO.

  12. steven says:

    its extremely slow tonite… i can’t even get to my seedbox.

  13. justkillme says:

    SJ area – surfing slow, torrents ok; but can’t access facebook -________________-;

  14. The_Schade says:

    ummm, party-pooper here, but everything went back to “normal” almost immediately after the outage was restored.

  15. bananaman says:

    tmn melawati area.. both torrent and surfing, very.. very.. very.. slow.. felt being cheated by tm… huhuhu

  16. The_Schade says:

    englishfail. what i meant to say was things went back to “normal” here in Penang after the service was restored.

  17. Emmanuel says:

    service finally went back to normal around 2-3 am today.thank god

  18. Jeremy says:

    Off most of time near Bangsar….since Saturday and today 🙁

  19. VeryBad says:


  20. pelayar says:

    honestly, getting worse this month

  21. brb says:

    From Kota Kinabalu, all of a sudden I experience massive packet loss and increased latency even to local sites. RM88 for this?

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