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July 20, 2009
Bolehroute #1 Upgrade
July 22, 2009
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Streamyx Recovery

It appears that on certain routes at least, Streamyx has recovered from yesterday’s slowdown. Luxembourg and Canadian server pings are back into normal ranges again.

Please post your comments to confirm the same or if you are still experiencing problems!


  1. adam7979 says:

    roger that, Luxembourg recovered from slowdown. Yesterday, residential line could download properly, but cooperate line had problem…. odd…

  2. Jonathan says:

    Apparently, the problem is back again. It was ok this morning. Damn Streamyx. It should refund users.

  3. smokey says:

    My residential line is really slow. Torrents are not moving, d/l’s from rapidshare is zero!! And surfing is down to a crawl

  4. SixVI6 says:

    nope…no recovery at all….mine still sux…surfing sux, torrent sux……and i always get 124 ip….had to reboot my router many times to get 60…but the same…still sux….YAY SCREAMYX!!!!

  5. raj says:

    still slow at residential area in Klang. Goverment and streamyx sux. Torrent not moving at all.

  6. Niki says:

    Torrents are not moving though surfing is okay.

  7. Jeremy says:

    always…everyday….line down 🙁

  8. Niki says:

    ^^ I didn’t change any of my previous setting. It worked just fine until recently 🙁

  9. eddie5a says:

    Well, mine is a strange situation. Torrent speeds are pretty much normal but my FTP speed to my office server has deteriorated. My overall download speed at home is slower – based on a download test at While it fluctuates, speedtest shows an overall dip in speed… at the moment.

  10. eddie5a says:

    Maybe, I should clarify – my ftp speed usually is around 176 kb/s. It’s currently at around 87 kb/s. However, my torrents can go up to 150 +. I wonder what TM could have done to cause this specific situation…

  11. adam7979 says:

    same funny problem here…. at home i can download from seedbox @ 170KB/s via ftp, office DOESN”T move at all…..

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