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September 25, 2009
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September 30, 2009
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Streamyx outage in Penang/Kelantan

We are receiving some reports from our users that their internet connection has almost died completely for international sites especially those in Penang. Tech support from TM have not been informed of any problem as usual and as such are unable to advise as to what’s going on.

Will keep you guys posted as soon as we get something official.


  1. teohhanhui says:

    Yeah I’ve been looking around for any news or announcements but have yet to see any until now. The connection issues started around midnight yesterday (29 September) and has more or less continued for the past whole day.

  2. blamethrower says:

    same thing happening in Sabah

    right in the middle of setting up a test server for a client

  3. edward says:

    is been few days.. penang tmnet down.. not even streamyx webpage can access..

  4. yeoh says:

    connection to US ad server is very very very slow, causing most website that has google adsense failed to load completely.

    just my own observation.

    I feel its their own internal network rerouting issue.

  5. SLK says:

    Why TM/Streamyx still provide such poor connection to customer. I really dissapointed with those GLC.

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