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August 2, 2009
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August 6, 2009
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Streamyx Issues

I have reports of an immense slowdown in KL and Penang where routing to Europe has been affected significantly. Sites such as BBC load slowly and general download and surfing speed has dropped.

Streamyx has no announcements on this issue though have mentioned that the East Malaysia problem has been settled apparently though I have not experienced an improvement. I also understand certain offices have been left without internet including Pit Boss’.

You may wish to also read this related article on perhaps why Streamyx is so crap in general.

Thanks to Chris for this update.


  1. J says:

    Langkawi, bandwidth is at 1/8 normal speed. Downloads from seedbox hosted in france barley running, web surfing working but ISDN speed.

  2. nis says:

    accessing uncle lim’s webpage is another pain in the ass. Load very slowly.

  3. Lithium says:

    I’m in J.B and browsing is dog slow, while my downloads are around 10kbps…. I can’t even change I.P anymore… all I keep getting is the shit 115 one… no more 60. or 118.100 already.

    Fucking TM Nutters…. I’m gonna go to the TN point tomorrow and scream profanity and anti BN slogans… they can ISA me for all I care, the stupid dumbshit goddamn motherfucking cocksuckers!! >:-(

    I heard they’ve been practicing I.P discrimination now… meaning only those that pay for the overpriced 2mb and 4mb per second combo deals can get a good I.P …. I’ll see tomorrow… if not I’ll change to P1… or maybe move to Singapore.

    Fuck that stupid C4 murderer!!

  4. Zoidberg says:

    Actually my routing to US was severely affected in Penang last night but not to Europe (go figure!) 😛

    Anyway, I’m happy to report that things have *temporarily* gone back to normal this morning… until the next slowdown, that is.

    Streamyx = fail.

  5. adam7979 says:

    “Later on some one highlighted that he was asked to format his computer to improve his Streamyx speed.”


  6. Nix says:

    i have a seedbox from UK and my downlaod spped for FTP always get 160kbps and IDM (Internet Download Manager) from my seedbox is 180-200kbps. I subscribe 1mbps package. Since last 2 week my download speed drop untill 10kbps!!! I’m wondering why. They caught me ?

  7. mysoo says:

    Speed is slow at KL when accessing US and Europe site.

  8. Wolffeh says:

    27 hours of crap speeds and counting…

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