Streamyx Issue confirmed – but be wary of rumours

Slowdown on Streamyx
August 25, 2009
Streamyx 88th 'Best' Broadband in the World – Chinese declare it auspicious
August 29, 2009
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Streamyx Issue confirmed – but be wary of rumours

It seems there is a nationwide slowdown affecting many Streamyx users.

However I have been receiving some reports that TM is implementing a cap of some sort that limits people’s downloads to 40 kB/sec or so if they are a heavy downloader. I am unable to confirm or disprove this but my gut feeling and from the support enquiries I have been receiving, I have not seen any indication of the sort.

A more plausible explanation is the repairs being done to the APCN2 link which should be in full swing now with an estimated completion date of 10 September. It has long been suspected that TM does not have much redundancy in its infrastructure and a major failure at any one point tends to congest their lines. The congested lines and reduced bandwidth coupled with their traffic shaping hardware may explain why it seems that there appears to be a cap when it may be just the traffic shaping hardware distributing the remaining/insufficient bandwidth about  so that everyone at least gets some bandwidth rather than some at full while others at zero. This as well is also speculation but in my opinion, a more likely explanation rather than a focus throttle on high bandwidth users.

At the end of the day, we should not make any speculations until at least the APCN2 links are restored.


  1. Acorn says:

    The ubuntu torrents seem to be doing OK at least. But then again maybe I’m not the heavy users list yet.

  2. XL26 says:

    Most of the people who are having the 40 kB/s cap are either lifted now or are currently still waiting to be. As for me, did not experience such a cap however the speed still remains bad for international server.

    At the end of the day, TM will finish the job, according to their own schedule that is. No amount of ranting, shouting and screaming to their customer service is going to solve anything, however it does help.

    P/s: My dslam port got wanker yesterday (26 Aug), I called CS for 2 times, first to reset my connection and second to reset my port and he noticed that theres a problem with the port (after I told him that my line is in sync, everything a-ok, except me being unable to authenticate to the port, lul TM) so I waited till midnight and what did ya know, line’s fix, guess those monkeys do know what there’re doing 🙂

  3. Stef says:

    Hi there.. i had that problem 2 weeks ago.. TM CS (customer service) has been very attentive to me i had to say.. but their technician sucks! ( apparently they r 3rd party contracted hired by TM) My internet connection has been unusually slow.. not more than 300Kbps for download as oppose to 1.2Mbps which im getting at normal days.. due to some stupid communication between TM and its contractor.. the contractor claimed that my problem has been solved but its not.. so i ve to call em again to make another report. it tooks them 2 weeks to reach me due to im not available at home for the technician to come. However TM has been following this case quite close.. they call me each 2 days.. then until last week finally the contractor told me they r having some upgrade issues and have sent application to reroute my connection to another point. it only took them 24 hours for this and the problem was finally solved. Point here is.. the stupid contractor took so long to get into the real issue which only took 24 hours to solved instead of draggin it for 2 weeks.. so i dont think they cap P2P… im getting 160kB/sec at no problem now

  4. PseudoSuhaimi says:

    Total Streamyx downtime for my line since Sept 08 to present is estimated at 35% ! It’s like 3 days of slow (or down) out of every 10 days. Yes, that much ! And it’s getting worse by the day ! The only thing i can be sure consistent is my physical phone line and the consistently good DSL-Sync signal in G-dmt mode ! Other than that the dramas is always at TM side. Throughout the pass 11 months, multiple occurring issues such as (1) Port Hangs at TM’s local C.O., (2) the whole DSLAM there hanged. (3) backbone from my town enroute Tangkak to KL went down, (4) default gateway latency drop to over 500ms, even once reached 2800ms, (5) Session hangs….etc. I got to learn all these info from using WinMTR pinging, Wireshark packet analyzer, and many calls directly to a helpful local TM engineer. Few months back, this engineer even revealed to me that his several requests for equipment change met with cold shoulders from KL head office ! Eventually, I am starting to accept such substandard streamyx condition as long as i can use it to work, not to even mention the worsening packet loss in Streamyx internal routes. The Default Gateway has its packet loss from initial 10% in 2008 drift into something more than 70% lately. And it become a permanent feature of Streamyx! Now i reduced to only pray God that i need it fit for my work. Anything else such as youtube & bloomberg-radio will be a luxury.

    The dramas from TM never fail to surprise me weekly. Now i am also one of the selected Time Capped users. My month 3 month total is about 23GB or less (from June, July to Aug09). Maybe it’s my weekday tick-data of my financial trading software that caused a false alarm of P2P in TM’s system ? But my financial software requires only low latency and something of 80kbit/s pipe. Oh, maybe it my fault reporting letter c.c to their VP of Group Strategy & Regulatory and similar ranks?? hmmm, confusing ! It’s been more than a month that my line is worst than dial-up speed everyday from 6pm to 12.30am. Strange huh ! I called up the local engineer. He told me lately the backbone has changed. It routes down through JB than only to KL. And “We are adding the 5th line unit to the backbone in JB” ,as what he said, yet problems is still here amidst hundreds of complains in my town.

    Besides the cost cutting & profiteering drive in TM itself, as if more uncontrollable mess is adding into the already controversial internal network-engineers for the so called Net Monitoring Executive Orders marching in by outsider team. OH! maybe just my little speculations! Can’t help, sorry !

  5. PseudoSuhaimi says:

    oops ! typos.

    So average is 23/3 = 7.7GB per month.

  6. masterelr says:

    I thought they’ve already capped us a few years ago? Which is why I’m actually using VPN now.. :p

  7. Xa says:

    No new cap, speeds still the same as always, only now the frequent connection closed error from servers overseas started, most likely because of the cable snapping but this is the first time that these connections are failing, never happened before even with undersea cables snapping.

  8. Nix says:

    me one day download 8-12GB, means I sure got cap 🙁 between my internet connection slow down badly, even with VPN 🙁

  9. Taufique says:

    they are definitely throttling the bandwidth to our legitimate downloads as well. when i download something, the speeds start off where it should, eg 80-90kb/sec (as it is, this is slow) n then it would drastically drop to what seems like capped speeds.
    And this is getting worse by the day. *sighs*

  10. mysoo says:

    Direct download speed still ok. But torrent speed max 20 kb/sec. Before this I’m able to get ~80.

  11. adib says:

    is it true? this just happened few mins ago.. torrent speed is also limited at 40k..

  12. Allen says:

    Few days ago my place got telephony failure,
    i called 100 told them to fix up also complaint about streamyx slowed down,
    after 2 days one ppl frm streamyx called me back and ask what the problem with my streamyx,
    so i said that my streamyx slowed down to 1/3~1/2 speed i get usually,
    i tested with tm speedometer evryday for more than a week already and result is 700~800kb dl and 200~300kb ul,
    he said the package i subscribe is 1mb(1000kbps) package so 700~800kbps(70~80%) is ‘ok’ range,
    at last i said i use to get 1.5mb (i get 1.8mb dl when streamyx start their service in my area but thats few year ago)
    then he just remain silent…after awhile he said that there server problem somewhere n will be fixed soon,
    if i still experience the prob after nxt week cal them back at 100 and now they wanted to close report i made.

    What i concern is that they tryin to limit the 1mb package to 1mb max and not 1.5mb we can get b4,
    and they will serv us with package ‘best effort’ 70%~80% speed,
    if thats it then what we get now is the only speed we can get.
    i hope this wont become real 4ever > <

    p/s sowee for my lame english lazy to check and edit again @@

  13. Jason says:

    They should not cap the heavy downloader’s speed. They should not cap the speed of anyone.

    They MUST let those heavy downloader downloading at full speed without capping, while making sure the normal users are not affected.

  14. jjjjklllll says:

    youtube can never play smoothly.
    Shoutcast radios can never play without buffer.
    A few days ago my streamyx was performing wonderfully.
    But my joy was short lived. I really do suspect they really do cap heavy users. Because i’m one. And my speed could not have failed so miserably in just one day without notice.
    Is there a way i could check whether i’m on the so called time cap list?list?

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