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April 25, 2008
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Streamyx Interruption at Midnight

It seems that on certain midnights, Streamyx goes haywire and decides to be finicky. Tonight is one of them so you may be having some connectivity issues.But it is indeed a nightmare to troubleshoot!

Let’s say one of our servers I think is down. I ping it on my home computer and try to ssh into it, no go. Doesn’t work so it seems to be dead.

GUESS AGAIN. I ssh into our game server and try pinging the other server. And Bam it responds and I can even ssh into it!

So some IPs that work on my home computer don’t work on the datacentre and vice versa. Clear TM routing issues here….

So if you guys get disconnected and have it all weird at midnight ish…it’s the TM ghosts 😛

I wonder how far up the scale are we or is this intentional? 😛


  1. Dann says:

    On my opinion: various info points to :
    – TM bandwidth expenses is high on the book but little is spent at the field.
    – TM oversold their hardly-expanding capacity.
    – Incompetent network team further discount the existing capacity.
    – TM IP Telephony Network taps into (pull load) the share of consumer Intenet capacity.
    – Rumous that they intentionally round-robin certian % portion of users into narrowband to save total through put.

    (The information above does not represent the view of bolehvpn.net)

    ************* My Bloodboiling encounter
    At the beginning of April, the high ping (800ms-1400ms) to gateway ( appeared again. It drags for 2 weeks despite numerous calls to customer service center.

    They seemed to take the complains lightly. And finally i was advised to write a highly technical email to help@tm and they said they can’t do anything with it and proceed to close the unsolved case file. YES! they tell customer in the face that it is NOT their problems anymore since they have done a bit of this & that.

    I was furious at why couldn’t they coordinate the case up to the next level of technical team since they already have certain info handy. Instead, they asked us the customer to DIY – a technical laden email that i have to provide 5 ping results of international sites, 5 ping results local , speed test results from tmnet & speedtest.net, bla bla bla . And they reassured me it is Standard Operating Procedure.
    (i could hear someone is shouting “Welcome to Absolute-Power(BN) induced Monopoly”)

    Come on, i am sure a lot of customers would have stuck at this point where it required a hell lot of I.T. knowledge to proceed. Even though there is tips in lowyat.net, I could see a lot of complains in the forum are in similar case where they are so helpless to proceed the technical steps.

    I managed to write to help@tm, the reply is clueless & ask me to provide details yet again even though all the data was clearly present in the 1st sender’s message. Typical absent minded working attitude who does not even finish reading your email before pressing the REPLY button.

    (Thank GOD i managed to contact a friendly TM technician in my town who solved my problem swiftly without me “involve further” after putting up the phone .)

    Still not perfect. Now i stuck on 124.13.x.x IP range where certain routes especially HK & China sites are inaccessible.

    My blood is still at 100 deg C ….

  2. tommypsk says:

    Not only at 29th of Apr…. Even today (3rd May) also having this stupid routing problem…. try to refesh my connection to get better Gateway and IP….. still haih… complain till fadeup already….. what to do? they are the ONLY BEST ISP in Malaysia…

  3. Gowdy says:

    Are you serious?! I guess I shouldn’t be suprised anymore…

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