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April 14, 2010
Streamyx Restoration Complete (according to TM), how's it for you?
April 16, 2010
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Streamyx down nationwide

Streamyx seems to be down nationwide. Using my Blackberry to type this.

Update: Whole of Malaysia seem to have been down for half an hour. As at 6:17 PM connections are being restored by TM.

Update: TM’s twitter account has confirmed the problem (gotta love the thanks for reprimand bit):

CONFIRMED:major routing (DNS) b/down 2 domestic & intl since 5.30pm. Restoration ongoing in stages.TQ 4 ur alerts & reprimands

You might want to try using a different DNS using our previous guide.


  1. hehewins says:

    international sites are still unaccessable =(

  2. Raki says:

    Seems like currently TM is having some problem with their dns

    Try using Google’s DNS

  3. Jonny says:

    Thanks for the info Everyone. Been stressing out thinking that it’s only me.
    Celcom’s BBand seems to be… working, on 3G only, and very very slow.

  4. Oscarbeh says:

    Still down Kajang. Now via Digi prepaid..

  5. Oscarbeh says:

    manage to connect since 9pm, but now down again

  6. OCB says:

    TMNET really…. down without warning….

  7. dino says:

    my area kuching, ‘batu kawa’ 2 day cannot connect……

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