Streamyx 88th 'Best' Broadband in the World – Chinese declare it auspicious

Streamyx Issue confirmed – but be wary of rumours
August 27, 2009
IPT account disabled temporarily
September 4, 2009
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Streamyx 88th 'Best' Broadband in the World – Chinese declare it auspicious

Taken from Speedtest



  1. Kurogane says:

    77 and 88. Nice numbers man. No wonder it’s auspicious.

  2. Zoidberg says:

    I’m Chinese so I can say it without being racist: Chinese people are world-renowned retards for putting so much stock in numbers.

  3. Xa says:

    If it were 11 and 22 it be better.
    88 makes us look like slow turtles.

    What’s auspicious? japan, 2 and 2 on both.

  4. raki says:

    u call that auspicious? I call it in denial on the fact that MY’s internet sux

  5. Rasyidi says:

    Malaysia boleh…everything also can…such a disgrace+shameful+loser+lame+liar+big IdIoT=Screamyx Malaysian left no option but streamyx and jaring. That’s all…I can’t accept screamyx services up until today. W-O-R-S-E EVER!!

  6. dukeaxr says:

    WOW…when can we get download speed like koreans have now?
    probably never with tmnet..

  7. Rider Ankabut says:

    When “Streamyx” and “Best” are used in the same sentence, it is mandatory to end the sentence with:

  8. Allen says:

    show this result to TM Nut Chairman. You people know that like other country, they have many company that provide internet service, not like our country that only TMNUT monopoly the business. You can see the result, maybe 100 year to come than we can achieve same speed like korea.

  9. some1 says:

    no.88? wat a shame 🙁

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