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July 8, 2014
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July 10, 2014
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Update on IPT Status 9 July 2014: Good news

Dear Customers,

I am pleased to inform you that I have gotten hold of IPT’s founder and we briefly talked. He is away on a business trip and will only be free to talk once when he returns but I believe we can work something out. We did work out some preliminary details which looks very positive but until we finalize this, I rather not say too much and give any false hope. Most likely there will be a small fee for this add-on service that will go directly to IPT but an offer that can only be worked through us.

We hope to finalize the alternative in the next 3-4 days and ask for your patience. The delay is due to him still being away on the business trip and possible code changes that need to be made.

I have yet to decide who exactly should be eligible as to whether it would be a limited number of users who understand that this isn’t part of our service and to keep it small and cosy or continue to offer it to all customers with long term subscriptions. In either case, I will no longer be offering it to customers who have subscriptions that are lower than 180 days.

Best Regards,


  1. thehobo says:

    *Crossing my fingers* Hope there will be a rainbow at the end of the tunnel.

  2. paul wong says:

    reuben, thanx. hope to rejoin through you. now im in IPT using your invite, and i subscribed a freeleech account.

  3. Oscurro says:

    Sounds promising! Great update Reuben, I know that although it’s not yet a “done deal”, it will certainly help to relieve some anxiousness.


  4. Indingo says:

    I vote small and cosy, which is what BolehVPN has always been at its core, a strong small community. I would recommend this even if I personally did not get in, it lowers the chance of abuse confoundedly.

  5. pirataloco says:

    Thank you, do please email seedboxers as needed to up contract and payment as needed.
    We support BPVN coz BVPN support us!

  6. Ricstc says:

    These are my suggestions
    – only for 180+ subscribers
    – a fee because malaysians dont appreciate free things so dont give anything for free. Once you make then pay something their attitude change. Its not a guarantee that there will not be any abuse but by payment and tracking then banning you will significantly reduce the abuse
    – track and ban the violators
    – keep changing the password on a very frequent basis like forthnightly or even weekly
    – pay and pay. Again I stress to make members pay. The higher the better. Give it back in another way (think of in lieu returns) but keeping a database of who is who makes the membership tight and that holds better integrity.


  7. Reuben says:

    The idea I have in mine addresses all these issues. People will be individually responsible for their accounts. I will not do the tracking. IPT has their own mechanism for that.

  8. Sammy1179 says:

    Fantastic Reuben. Thanks very much for updating us frequently. If anything, this episode should show all what great customer service you are providing. This has only increased my appreciation for BolehVPN.

  9. Peter C Goh says:

    I am behind you and BolehVPN all the way… Even if i am not part of the group you grant IPT bonus. As you can see from my history, I subscribed to Boleh way before you offered IPT… I will still continue with BolehVPN regardless. Keep up the great work.

  10. Nightcomer says:

    Thanks for your efforts and extra-mile delivery, Rueben. I’ve been a Boleh subscriber since almost its beginning with maybe a one year hiatus and Rueben and team has always done his best even when I and a few others can be at our worst. I have no problem committing to a long term package (I’m already on one year) and will be happy to chip in for IPT.

    Even if God forbid there’s no IPT, BolehVPN is still the best and I’ll definitely renew my subscription when it ends

  11. capu says:

    way to go reuben

  12. DH says:

    This is great news. Thanks Reuben! Looking forward to the updates over the next few days.

  13. alyx says:

    first of all, thank you Reuben for your efforts and also for the invites to IPT. I would be happy that the IPT services extend to 180 days and above. This would filter out all the rotten tomatoes. However, i would also like to state that i hope that there will be freeleech 🙂 (to pay for a discounted price would not be a problem also) Sad to say seeding to a ration 1:1 is impossible on IPT unless you r on seedbox and on a 327 hours seeding hours T_T. If not, you be given warning for hit & run. There are a lot of rules and regulations on IPT. I guess we have been very spoiled by bolehvpn and some also does not even appreciate the bonus gift given to us. All in all, I hope there will be good news soon.

  14. kahyeec says:

    I cannot download torrents now from IPT already, ratio too low.Cannot keep the ratio, I already knew it would come to this. I hope Reuben can help us get the freeleech back. Appreciate your effort bro.

  15. Mike says:

    Keep it small!

  16. seraph says:

    i have been with bolehvpn for > 3 years i think, but i am renewing my account on 60 days basis since then, if ipt only means for those 180 days above it also will not be fair to those who are your loyal customer.

    to suggest – those less than 3 years members @ 180 days, those more than 3 years loyal members @ 60 days

    for your consideration, thank you

  17. ZY says:

    No worries Reuben. Just keep working on it.Meantime, we will use some other reliable torrent sites..

  18. neil says:

    Thanks Reuben for all your efforts and for keeping us up to date.i have been using your service for around two and a half years, but renewing regularly on a 60 day basis.,i know nothing is finalised but would I be eligible for ipt access if when I next renewed i I purchased a 180 day or higher subscription?.
    ps keep up the good work,,excellent service and customer care
    thanks Neil

  19. Zippy says:

    Good news. I’d definitely re-up for 180 days for the IPT benefit, but as with alyx it would need to be freeleech for it to work for me as I would need a seedbox to maintain the ratio.

  20. Curtis says:

    Sweet, fingers crossed!

  21. Gorg says:


    Thanks for your efforts. My faith in you was well placed…whatever the outcome may be.

  22. Jonz80 says:

    been waiting for news such as this the entire week

  23. mengshi6559 says:

    You’d have to look at how many months are left on the the subscriber’s account to see who is eligible. I’d say those who have stayed with BolehVPN the longest and have the longest subscription left or have subscribed for 1 year should be given preferences as these are the ones least likely to abuse it.

  24. KF says:

    Reuben, I share same sentiment like seraph, I too, have been loyal customers for few years (forgot how many years) @ 60 days. I hope you can consider seraph’s recommendation.

  25. Darko says:

    Glad this issue is on its way to being resolved is , been with BolehVPN for awhile and have referred many a friend to this service as well. Regardless what happens and if I do end up having to buy into an account I know BolehVPN will remain a constant companion on any personal computer/device I use. Thanks again Reuben and all the support staff as well you guys are what keep me coming back and subscribing.

  26. biznitch says:

    That sounds great, thank you for working so diligently on this for us. I will keep up my yearly subscription either way, I love your service and I feel it is reasonably priced. Keep up the good work Reuben!!

  27. Jonathan Huntley says:

    Thank you Reuben, I look forward to the successful conclusion of your negotiations; good luck and thanks for the effort you’re putting into resolving the issue.

  28. lemanlah says:

    Thank you Reuben..me too have been loyal customers for many years @ 60 days basis…I agree with the 180 days subscription and chipping some payment for the FL IPT. Just wondering is it possible…
    – not using common username and password on the ipt…..but instead
    – access to ipt with individual username and password…Contoh: my username : (pbbolehvpn-lemanlah) and (individual password) you assign…maybe this way we’ll know who’s the culprit that always “buat taik” on the ipt account…and this guy is ban from vpn forever
    -ipt account ended inline with the vpn subscription.

    sorry dgn soalan bodoh saya seperti diatas…hehe

  29. larzii says:

    Thank you Reuben…Been with you for couple of years….hope all goes well and keep up with the good work that you and your team has provided us….

  30. Jared says:

    Reuben, thanks for all the hard work. Appreciate both services and the availability we’ve had in the past. Ignore the cruddy emails.

  31. Super says:

    Thanks Reuben for keeping at it, to be honest I not get the concept behind that pricing that IPT talks about.
    Since quite some time the prices for traffic go down significantly. One major hoster over here has revised it as we speak. One TB (!) of extra traffic costs now 1.99 Euros including tax. This is appliciable if you exeed your monthly volume that comes included with your package anyways. Thats not expensive.

  32. rrjp says:

    best news I heard all week. I only have one thing to say if the deal worked out… Shut Up and Take My Money!
    if dont, just take my money anyways. BolehVPN rocks!

  33. Ian Gilani says:

    Thanks Reuben. You always work something out for the good of your clients. Thanks for all the trouble for what was a gift anyway.

  34. Thraxugrut says:

    Hi Reuben, been with you guys for years, but with IPT for longer. Once I started to use your service for VPN I was very happy to see the bonus gift. Have been using it for years now and of course my original IPT account was pruned (oops). It is sad that people can’t follow simple rules, and cannot understand that by using boleh’s IPT account they also were bound to IPT’s rules, not just the few written on the free gift site. Ohh well, for me I am glad to hear you will work something out. I already have another IPT account, building ratio and considering USD 25 a month for perma freeleech, like I have become used to. I fully support extra fee to IPT and individual accounts and thank you for your continued excellent service. However,with or without the free gift I’ll remain a bolehVPN user for as long as fast anonymous internet access is available through you.

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