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November 4, 2010
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November 4, 2010
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Speed Slowdown in Malaysia?

Seems like a couple of people are reporting sudden slowdowns where even results are half than what they should be. Anyone experiencing a similar problem? Interesting as it almost seems like a hard cap. I don’t know if this is related to the SMW4 problem but it shouldn’t be the case considering that the servers we’re testing to are local.


  1. angelfire88 says:

    Yep, just few days ago. I’m using 4mbps now getting 1.5mbps and highly unstable and might get worst especially net surfing.

  2. mysoo says:

    Some slow down in accessing certain international site. Also I notice there difficulty in logging to streamyx. I tried about 10 x .

  3. mstan-20 says:

    Yes, very slow since last night (11/04)

  4. Fong says:

    Having troubles logging in since 11/02. Have to restart modem several times. Seems normal now.

  5. dino says:

    living in penang…seems to get slow connection 3 days already…=(

  6. pepekk says:

    Same here. 3 week still get slow connection. ready call customer service,but truly damn slow response.!

  7. pepekk says:

    by the way.i living in penang.

  8. pikachu guy says:


    1Mbps account
    what I get now is DIAL UP!!!!!!!!
    using screamyx SPEEDOMETER I GET <56Kbps download speed

  9. TMNET says:

    PJ, Selangor
    1Mbps user
    Speed only average 300kbps

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