SMW4 Cable Update – Disruptions to East Coast US and Europe will continue until 27 May

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May 24, 2010
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May 26, 2010
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SMW4 Cable Update – Disruptions to East Coast US and Europe will continue until 27 May

This notice effects only ISPs serviced by SMW4 which would include Streamyx, Singtel and several Indian ISPs.

The repairs on SMW4 off Mumbai which began yesterday on the 23 May 2010 is expected to be completed by the 27 May 2010.

The cable repair ship has arrived and is performing upgrades as planned.

While this repair work is underway, disruptions to connections to Europe and East Coast of US is expected to continue. However, due to rerouted traffic, congestion is expected to also occur on the remaining routes to other international destinations.

Please note that this is strictly not a TM fault as the SMW4 is maintained by a consortium but I have a feeling that TM has not subscribed to sufficient uplinks to successfully failover properly.

SMW4: South East Asia–Middle East–Western Europe 4 (SEA-ME-WE 4) is an optical fibre submarine communications cable system that carries telecommunications between Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria and France.It is intended to be a complement to rather than a replacement for the SEA-WE-ME 3 cable.
The cable is approximately 18,800 kilometres long, and provides the primary Internet backbone between South East Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and Europe.


  1. bananaman says:

    ooo.. those wires again, ooppss.. i mean cables…

  2. blamethrower says:


  3. DoDo says:

    27th? some lyn-er claim to have called tm cs and they said 29th..

  4. Reuben says:

    Never know…another report said 27th but if TM says 29th…maybe 29th or longer?

  5. freeman85 says:

    have called them ..they said 29th may..

  6. Persocon says:

    So that means I can’t download anything at the moment? my utorrent seem to be dead for now. T___T hopefully they can solve it asap.

  7. Emmanuel says:

    seems to be fixed…my torrent are currently running at normal speed.thank god (& the consortium) for that ^_^

  8. freeman85 says:

    it seem that megaupload back to full speed ^^

  9. freeman85 says:

    spoke to soon..speed going haywire again

  10. DoDo says:

    mine is constantly turtle like… rs @ 900 bytes per sec !

  11. nomnom says:

    do people seriously believe this crap? after the umpteenth “submarine cable fault’ i’m getting suspicious

  12. hurtnet says:

    from kch i nid dis ip to hv good speed to dwnld from UE n US 124.13.xx.xx or 124.82.xx.xx.. d others like 118, 64 n 175 all crap even tho tm ip 175 somehow shows as outside of malaysia IP n can bypass LoL game check

  13. DoDo says:

    124.x.x ip seems to give my torrents full speed while RS @ 20k-ish… ^_~

  14. Emmanuel says:

    110.159.*.* seems to be running at full speed too…

  15. blamethrower says:

    no full speed

  16. darthvedder says:

    tm still sucks. capped since last week. no bt for me. sigh.

  17. haiz_man says:

    What I hate the most abt this fault is that It only primary affects TM and anyone using their backbone. While other isp that doesn’t relying heavily on TM, connect just fine or even better.

  18. lala says:

    not yet fixed?

  19. Allen says:

    No idea,but i dun feel any recovery yet…

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