Should the IPT account be restricted to full subscribers?

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September 11, 2009
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September 13, 2009
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Should the IPT account be restricted to full subscribers?

A quick poll: Should IPT details be only given to those subscribing to 30 days and above?


  1. Atavus says:

    I don’t use IPT but I’ve been tracking the slew of problems the BolehVPN team is having with this account. I think the account information should only be given to subscribers above 3 months and only after they have read the rules for usage. Maybe send an email with a link to the forum with a closed topic (like a password access) and list the terms for the usage of the account before getting the login details. If any rules are broken both access to IPT & the bolehvpn account is terminated. I think people will read the rules and abide by it if they stand a chance to loose their subscription/money.

  2. Joseph Ting says:

    Yea.. Agreed with Atavus.
    Make more barrier to get IPT Account Details.

  3. Rider Ankabut says:

    Maybe, just to curb the problem, make IPT available as a separate subscription for those “short term” Boleh VPN customers.

  4. Donovan Chin says:

    I think that it will curb the problem if only the long term serious subscribers are using the IPT account.

  5. cklau says:

    I agree with Atavus, IPT account information should only be given to subscribers above 3 months and only after they have read the rules for usage.

  6. I loled says:

    I think i should be more than 30 days. I support reuben on this. Or maybe change the pass every month so the old ones can access it when their subscription expires

  7. Zoidberg says:

    I’m with Atavus on limiting IPT to subscribers above 3 months or longer. Screw the rest; they want freebies, they’ll have to earn it… I’m so sick of freeloaders and whiners.

  8. Kurogane says:

    Seconding that proposal too. BolehVPN is unique that it offers an attached public access account for a private tracker with its service and I would have no qualms about limiting it to subscribers that are committed to the service for a long period instead for everyone.

    • Reuben says:

      3 months is quite difficult since it’s hard to track who has been a customer for 3 months or more especially when some subscribe on and off. Determining who’s eligible would be quite a logistic nightmare.

      Hence why I suggest only sending it out with the initial subscription e-mail to those who have subscribed for 30 days and above.

  9. ShadowTek says:

    >> Determining who’s eligible would be quite a logistic nightmare.

    You could issue a unique ID-key to every new subscriber, and require that key to be sent along with each further resubscription to confirm their former membership. Then, it would be a simple matter of associating an integer variable with each member ID-key that gets updated to track the total number of months that the user has been subscribed.

    Or course, that wouldn’t help you *right now*, but the sooner you start issuing ID-keys, the sooner you *can* implement the system, like after 3 months have passed from now.

  10. inkle says:

    yes, its a great idea

  11. freeman says:

    long time subscriber here
    u got full support from me,
    my suggestion is
    only user that have been in bolehvpn for more 3 months or more than half year and active subscriber will be eligible
    to the ipt account 😀
    that will kill those who keep cheating at bay 😀

  12. McMafia says:

    Supporting for users of 3 months and above
    Implement ID is good idea, at the moment can use username/email address to estimate how much one had paid previously and estimate duration of subscription?

    Irritated with this problem for long,..

  13. winzmy says:


    If not 3 months, at least 60days for eligible!


  14. bluhound says:

    3 months is fair. ‘Nuff said.

  15. ainuddin says:

    1) he/she MUST be a donator, even at just 1USD;

    2) interview the user through e-mail or any other means necessary to identify who the user is basicly (location, age, known friends currently subscribing with bvpn);

    3) user must provide some reliable evidence of his/her good internet ethics such as provide screenshots of his/her other ratio status on other private trackers he/she has.

    just my 2 cents.

  16. ainuddin says:

    for idea number 2, the user can also provide his/her blog/website/facebook/myspace etc. to check a little bit about who he/she is.

  17. Crabs says:

    And, if a single person dare trangress upon the rules by opening 301 connections to the tracker, we’ll round up a posse and deal some righteous smackdown!1!11!

    No. We already provide details when subscribing. I’m not giving up the anonymity that the internet provides just to make sure an account isn’t cheated on. Open it to 3 month subscribers only, that’s a fair plan. Require everyone to hand over their personal details for a freeleech account, I don’t think so.

  18. chaiyya says:

    Your idea is good Reuben. Simple to implement yet still likely to prevent a large amount of the trouble.

  19. Noel Ho says:

    Good idea!

    I say only give the IPT access for users who have signed up for 60 day package and above,

    Password should change monthly and only these eligible people will receive the password.

    If you sign up for 30 day package, you are not eligible, even if you have been using the service for a long time!

    Users should think of this as an value added service for people who are willing to commit longer to BolehVPN! Go bloehVPN!

  20. Zoidberg says:

    Ainuddin’s suggestions are utterly ridiculous; it’s like smashing a house of cards with a wrecking ball. Overkill much?

  21. Exarkun says:

    Yes, I agree! Make it at least 60 days before giving them access to IPT.

  22. dukeaxr says:

    I support user who sign for 60 days..and give donation (RM1 pun enough la..)

    I usually sign for 60 days…hehehehe
    but I usually continue after a few days after my subs end..
    The most important is to make sure nobody else outside of bolehVPN have access to IPT..
    then we can find the culprit that have troubled all of us..

    keep the ideas coming..this is for our own good..
    maybe we can put up a poll in the forum and ask every active subscriber to vote when we have narrowed down the options..

  23. ainuddin says:

    lol Zoidberg. yeah, guess they were overkills.

    im with freemans ideas. giving access to only 60 days package and above subscribers are not entirely fair. we do have many users that subscribe for the 30 days package and renew them at the end of every month, without late. not to mention these users have been here since the existence of bvpn. some even are subscribers of bolehbox and they seed back to ipt and other well-known private tracker communities. oh, and they donate. i believe Erun will work something out. ID keys or such for long-time users, say, those that have been here at least for 6 months and are active sounds good.

  24. NAS71 says:

    Based on the premise that the abusers tend to be “hit and run” users, perhaps Reuben shld limit the IPT Login info to:

    1. Current established subscribers with track record of not creating problems – possibly with 3 month or so history with the service to enable some sort of track record profiling
    2. New subscribers taking up a minimum of 3 months upfront – shows commitment to service
    3. New subscribers with multiple subscription of at least 1 month each – shows commitment to service
    4. New subscribers to monthly recurring accounts – shows commitment to the service

    Preferably, the IPT access shld also be de-coupled frm subscription to the VPN service (e.g. by labeling it as a gift rather than part of the service) to protect the service as well as frm possibility that an abuser may challenge any decision to cut him/her off frm accessing IPT.

    My two cents….regards

  25. janmz98 says:

    yeap.. agree with ainuddin and rueben.. im always using 30 days package… and always renew every month but sometime late.. 🙂

  26. ainuddin says:

    good idea NAS71.

  27. RAN says:

    How fullproof is it? Can it be certain that the abusers were or won’t be long time users? I”m not sure if I’d be totally confident with the new approach.

  28. Ibex7 says:

    Idea mooted by NAS71 is really good especially the 3rd point because sometimes I would renew the account a bit late because I’m a student, always broke. Better still if the IPT account login should be given to returning customer who have subscribed for at least the 3rd time and no cheating records.

    I’m totally against the idea that the account should be given to those who subscribe 60 days package and above because you must think not all people could spend money in one big shot as they may have other needs to be fulfilled such as me, student.

    Reuben, the ultimate decision lies in your hand. You’re the boss!

  29. Ibex7 says:

    And to be honest with you guys, I only use IPT account when I have active subscription though I’m a verified IPT user.

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