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September 7, 2011
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September 15, 2011
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Server Consolidation and Upgrade Exercise

In our continued efforts to improve our services, we are performing a huge consolidation of our servers. We are reducing the number of physical servers though increasing capacity by upgrading its specifications and more importantly its bandwidth from 100 mbit  connections to gigabit connections. This exercise will ease maintenance services, improve available bandwidth to the end user and increase capacity.

This will be a multi-stage process the first one which already has been completed:

  1. Decommissioning old servers (Many Luxembourg servers have been taken offline) COMPLETED
  2. Increase of bandwidth of Swiss1 server to full gigabit and upgrade of RAM. COMPLETED
  3. Decommissioning Swiss2 server. SCHEDULED for 15 September 2011
  4. Removal of Canada Surfing Streaming Option to upgrade it to FullyRouted-Canada status COMPLETED
  5. Increase of available IPv4 addresses on FullyRouted configurations UNDERWAY
  6. Increase of available IPv4 addresses on Proxied configuration COMPLETED
  7. Commissioning of new gigabit Canadian server IN NEGOTIATIONS
  8. Commissioning of new NL server SCHEDULED FOR 20-25 September 2011
  9. Update of Configurations COMPLETED FOR BOLEHVPN-GUI USERS, SCHEDULED FOR COMPLETION ON 14 September 2011 for all other users.

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