Seem to be capped at 50 kB/sec if you're on Streamyx? You're not alone

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November 17, 2010
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November 17, 2010
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Seem to be capped at 50 kB/sec if you're on Streamyx? You're not alone

It seems there is some problem with Streamyx which they have not announced. Several of our users have reported speeds apparently being capped at 50 kB/sec even though no cap has been placed on our side.

We know it’s not a VPN issue as the Speedtest results also show that there is a problem with Streamyx. I’ll let ainuddin’s post explain the situation:

@Reuben and @JessCC: ive been experiencing the same problem of vpn, bolehroute and normal connection slowdown for almost 24 hours. ive tested with different ip’s, eg. 60.50, 60.49, 60.52, 60.53, 124.82 all to no avail. ive tested my connection and noticed that ;

a) tm speedometer gave me full normal speed of 1.5 Mbps ;

b) speedometer gave constant 0.5 Mbps to all international servers ive tried ; singapore, UK and US

c) speedometer to Penang, KL and Seri Kembangan gave good, full speed of 1.5 Mbps

d) speedometer to Cyberjaya however gave 0.5 Mbps only

e) ping tests to international websites were around 250ms-350ms

f) a torrent download from ipt with more than 150 seeders got stuck at 0.5 Mbps only with either VPN, bolehroute or direct streamyx connection

g) upload speed to all servers anywhere were around 0.3 Mbps – 0.35 Mbps

ive concluded that something was wrong with tm’s routing so ive called up their support line earlier this evening. opened up a report about this and the technician said *probably* theres something wrong with the routing since she cant event re-set my port connection; the system would not respond. below ive got some example ;

direct connection speedtest to singapore;

direct connection speedtest to UK;

direct connection to US;

direct connection to Penang, KL and Seri Kembangan;

the odd part, speedtest to Cyberjaya;

the above results are the same with other ip ranges as i stated above.


  1. Riesgraf says:

    I am also experiencing capped speeds on both my 1 Mb/s and 4Mb/s lines for the past week. While using the 1 Mb/s line, I found that my downloads (http downloads from various sites eg. Megaupload, Fileserve etc and my server located in the US, torrents from both IPT and public trackers and the WoW downloader) were stuck around 0.5 Mb/s. As for the 4 Mb/s line, most downloads were capped at 2.5 Mb/s. I have been getting these speeds whether I am using BolehVPN or not.

    When I called the TM hotline, I got fobbed off with excuses ranging from “We do not see any interference with your connection on our end. Please restart your router/modem/computer” to “We will get our technicians to look into this and we will get back to you within 1 working day”. To date, I have yet to receive any phone calls from TM regarding this despite my having called in a good 5 days ago.

  2. Raymond says:

    That explains why my 2MBps connection is not even getting half of it.

  3. clieman says:

    No problem here at Shah Alam on Streamyx ADSL I am getting >500kBps on BolehVPN.

  4. Simon says:

    I’m at JB, and I’m getting the cap as well. I’m on the 1Mb/s package. I filed a report to Streamyx and my 24hours wait is supposed to end at 4.38pm today. The bugger over the phone said that the technicians “have not paid attention” to my case yet, while I stressed that my problem doesn’t seem to be an isolated event since many people nationwide are facing the same problem. So how can the technicians not be paying any attention to mine, or at the grander scale of this problem?

    The CSO at Streamyx are a bunch of good-for-nothing really. Reading scripts off their file are what they are good at at best. Some are deaf too I might add, not to mention suffering from short-term memory lost.

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