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December 16, 2009
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December 22, 2009
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Seedbox Suggested Revamp

We are planning to revise our seedbox pricing structure (for the better) by increasing the space allowed per user significantly. However, we cannot increase the number of simultaneous torrents running by a lot (if any at all).

We seek your opinion as to what’s an appropriate HDD space for the simultaneous torrents allowed for each package assuming prices remain the same.

This would also necessitate a move of the server as we move to a different host (don’t worry we have experience with this host and use them for some of our VPN servers and they have EXCELLENT support).


  1. neptern says:

    50GB for rm50?I saw another service at the service noticeboard that offers something like that.

    • Reuben says:

      neptern: yeap thinking about that range may be slightly less though I did a lookup on his host and it was some really cheap budget hosting that tends to throttle you once u go past their quota.

  2. Dex says:

    I noticed that 50GB for RM50 service has limits imposed. Maybe you can put everything unlimited? 😛

  3. adam7979 says:

    i’ve seen 240GB for usd55/month before…. breaking down to 50GB is around RM40/month… another bigger plan will give around 50GB for RM35 per month. Just as a rough guideline duh …

  4. ohno says:

    Should allow both private and public trackers without any limitation,TMNUT throttle most p2p traffic.If bolehvpn can come out with these,i will use it.

  5. neth says:

    35gb 2/6 active torrent for 25/mth mayb XD

  6. neptern says:

    yea probably around 50gb will be good.With HSBB coming soon it’s time for a speed and disk space upgrade.

  7. longman says:

    what if seedbox + gui reduced to rm50…

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