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December 27, 2009
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January 4, 2010
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Seedbox New Packages coming in Early Jan

We are revamping our seedbox packages by offering you all additional space at no additional charge! We will be moving some of you to a new host to effect this and this will also give users on SB1 and SB2 more RAM to work with.

Those with existing packages will be migrated to the new server with the added space (though your existing data will be wiped). Your new package will be the closest that we have (but will not be lower than what you have currently). However your old box will be accessible UNTIL the 13 January 2010  so you should have sufficient time to consolidate!

The new pricing scheme will be as follows:


35gb of Space: RM50.00

70gb of Space: RM80.00


35gb of space: RM60.00

70gb of space: RM90.00

PS: Asylum Special Package users have been sent a separate e-mail on our proposed scheme for you guys 😀


  1. adam7979 says:

    update this page as well la 😛
    also the blog link of that page oso broken

  2. yehaman says:

    Does your new package supported both private and public trackers?

  3. longman says:

    wow… interesting… please spare my slot on early next month… so the price reduced…. how’s the slot for simultaneous up and down? increased? or the same?

  4. chaiyya says:

    Sweet. Thanks

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