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January 6, 2010
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January 6, 2010
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Seedbox Migration Updates

Hey all! Just to give you a quick heads up on the changes on the new seedboxes and its various new features.

Migration Status

First of all, the migration still has some quirks for e.g. FTP services do not redirect correctly to the home folder and we hope to solve this sometime today (if not already) :D. Meanwhile your old boxes still remain accessible but we do recommend you to test out the new one as well so that we can identify any problems as we come along.

Those on packages with GUI are still pending upgrade as the setup is more complicated and we wish to get things right with the non-gui users first! Don’t fret as your turn will be soon!

New Torrents Folder

Previously, dumping your .torrent file in the torrents folder will start it. Now the proper folder for this is the watch folder. Otherwise, your seedbox should operate in the exact same way. We used the watch folder to more closely resemble the rtorrent default settings so that upgrades will be slightly easier :D.

RAM Allocation and Segregation of OS from Seedbox HDD

RAM allocation will also be increased to reduce the storage error received when downloading with fast speeds.

The new servers also have twice the amount of RAM and the seedboxing exists on a separate HDD from the main OS. This allows the paging file to not stress the seedbox’s HDD and means general better performance for all.

Change from Quota to LVM system

We have moved to a different OS with better support for Logical Volume Managers. What this mean is that we are no longer using the quota system.

The main advantage of this is that should you run out of disk space, rtorrent will close itself without locking up and taking 100% cpu usage as previously. This ensures that less admin intervention is needed and everyone’s user experience is enhanced.

Instead of the quota command you should use the df -h command which will display your disk free usage.
As in any new venture, we can expect some slight teething issues but we don’t forsee any major problems. Do let us know and we thank you for your patience and also your feedback.

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