Seedbox 1 restoration, VPN tests and Infringement Notices

Problem with Internet
March 18, 2008
Interruption in Connectivity
March 27, 2008
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Seedbox 1 restoration, VPN tests and Infringement Notices

Update 9:47 PM

Seedbox 1 is ready for use. Please let us know if you have any issues.

Seedbox 1 is experiencing some problem with its dependencies/kernel and we believe it would be best to proceed with a clean install with the same settings as Seedbox 2 which is performing pretty well.

We will be backing the necessary files up and then proceeding with reinstall.

With the VPN servers, there is also some corruption on Cincau and Ecatel but we believed to have restored it but will be shifting users to these servers to test it and if it doesn’t turn out well, we’ll just revert back to the old setup.

Please post all comments in our support forum at and we apologize for the interruption in service.

We have also been receiving repeated warnings for infringement on a download of Entourage Episode 4 and strongly urge users to not download this file or we would be forced to take action.


  1. freeman says:

    it down often
    suggest to do full checkup on sb1

  2. Reuben says:

    Guess what some idiot using the seedbox for

    As a result down due to infringement notice.

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