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February 5, 2008
Seedbox 1 Upgrade Complete
February 6, 2008
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Seedbox 1 Issues

Update 8:21 PM

After negotiations, our host has agreed to upgrade the processor for Seedbox 1 and will proceed with this as soon as they can. You may experience interrupted connectivity while this happens.

Update 5.00 PM:

Seedbox 1 and 2 are up but we are still monitoring it as we are still working with the hosts to identify the problem.

For those who have our numbers do sms us if you have issues with SB1.

Update 3.00 PM:

When we were recompiling rtorrent, the server died AGAIN.
The FTP is back up but we are contemplating doing an overhaul so grab whatever files you need from there ASAP.

I’ll give you all an additional day of credit.

Update 12.00 PM:

Seedbox 1 rtorrent will be going down for upgrades and also we note that there is another problem with the hardware on this server. It was promised as a Pentium D and it turns out to be a Celeron 1.6 ghz Conroe single core….

We’re upgrading the rtorrent first and see what they propose on the compensation.

For those of you who are on Seedbox 1, we note there was an outage. The explanation provided by our hosts is as below:


We had a problem with our network but it has been sorted. I have checked your server and its up and running.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

Kind regards

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: CIM-929354

Department: Dedicated Server Support
Priority: Critical

Status: Awaiting customer response

As this only affected this server and not our other servers on this host, we can only assume ‘problem with our network’ means ‘Oops I tripped on a wire!’ and ‘Twice this morning!’

While searching for an appropriate picture, for e.g. some dunce tripping on a wire, I found this instead which is way funnier:

We’ll be taking this opportunity to introduce some upgrades to it like a newer version of rtorrent and enabling polling and will post updates here.

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