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Securing your FTP transfers from your Seedbox

There has been some concern on the security of FTPing a file from your seedbox account and whether FTP has been throttled.

As such, I would like to introduce to you a little known feature of our seedbox which is that it does indeed support the SFTP protocol. We also find that in certain cases, this gives better speed than just regular FTP (possibly due to its encrypted nature).

We recommend WinSCP for this which is easy though FileZilla also supports SFTP. Just install it, load it up, enter in your FTP IP into the hostname and your username and pass and it’s just like any other FTP client. This should give improved download speeds. However WinSCP does not support multipart transfers unlike CuteFTP so it depends which you prefer :D. Haven’t used CuteFTP in a while though I would assume it also supports SFTP.


  1. sswolf says:

    perhaps it’s due to SSH packets being prioritized by the ISPs. 😛

  2. obcd says:

    I recommend using “rsync -Pa” if you can.

    The advantages are:
    * You can if you want limit the bandwidth: –bwlimit=250kbps for example,
    * It does not transfers “Holes” in files (for files that are not finished)
    * It can compress files (but not really a gain on the data we are talking about)
    * It does not transfers what has already been transfered. In other words, if the copy fails in the middle, just re-run the command and it will pickup where it left. If the transfers was already completed, it copies nothing.

    In my opinion, it’s the “nicest” tool for a shared seedbox, since it will transfers only the strict necessary data.

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