Rtorrent Update to 0.8.4 for Asylum BolehBox Users

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August 6, 2009
SB1 and SB2 Upgraded to rtorrent 0.8.4
August 6, 2009
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Rtorrent Update to 0.8.4 for Asylum BolehBox Users

Those on the Asylum (d056) seedbox can now restart their rtorrent to utilize the new rtorrent which has been updated to the latest stable at 0.8.4.

You can do so by logging into your seedbox and typing the following commands:

screen -r


This should exit your existing rtorrent. Now restarting your rtorrent with the new version:

screen -S YOURUSERNAME rtorrent

Replace YOURUSERNAME with your login username.

You should now see rTorrent 0.8.4/0.12.4 on top of your title and you’ll know that you are now using the new version.

Other seedboxes will be incrementally updated if not already.

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