RevolutionTT Tracker Backdoor Invites for our BolehVPN users (EDIT: Offer closed.)

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September 20, 2015
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September 26, 2015
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RevolutionTT Tracker Backdoor Invites for our BolehVPN users (EDIT: Offer closed.)

IPTorrents is awesome but it never hurts to have alternate private trackers. RevolutionTT is one of the best trackers out there as well and is normally invite only.

For the next 10 hours only, we are offering free RevolutionTT tracker invites to our BolehVPN users who subscribe to 30 days and above! Just send us an e-mail to with your username and your e-mail address and we will send it over. Note that this offer is only valid for the next 10 hours.

Also unfortunately, this offer is not valid for users from the following countries due to RevoTT rules: “Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.”


EDIT: This offer is now closed.


  1. krasnal says:

    So it seems I didn’t get my e-mail to you in time, even though I sent it out on 23rd, the same day as the announcement. That’s life!

    But really, only ten hours for us to register an interest. You’ve gotta be joking, right? Ever heard of time zones? Some of us will still be sleeping when the ten hours has elapsed. And to cap it all off, you don’t even tell us at what time the offer starts or ends (UTC would have been useful). Overall, a pretty poor show, IMO.

    Out of curiosity, why the ridiculously short window and the lack of clearly defined start/end times? If you simply wanted to ration it to the first ‘n’ applicants, why not simply say the first ‘n’ to apply get in?

    Next time, please try to try to remember about time zones and the fact that most of us will only have a chance to browse the Internet during the evening.

    • george says:

      all the people that were invited and got accounts have had their accounts disabled ,including boleh themselves ,just been on revtt irc who confirmed this!

  2. Michael says:

    I agree with everything the first comentator said. I had the exact same experience.

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