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March 7, 2010
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Reuben on leave from 10-14 March 2010

Hey all I will be going to Cambodia for a short holiday from 10-14 March 2010. I will have intermittent internet access then (will check in the evenings) but Pit Boss and Chris will be handling account generation and support queries.

As such during this time, for those few people who do have my phone number, don’t call me! PMs will also unlikely be answered in a timely manner until I get back.

Any good suggestions on places to eat and go in Siem Reap, let me know! 😀


  1. craftmen25 says:

    when in Siem Reap-go to- blue pumpkin restaurant and bar(Old Market)-remember to go upstairs-they have nice sofa to lay down and free wi-fi after your finish daily trip from Bayon,Angkor Thom,Ta Prohm all inside Angkor Wat Compund.Very Chic place.

  2. Krizalis says:

    Agreed 😀 I went there just last year during December.. Blue Pumpkin is definitely the place to be.. Don’t forget to try their ice cream! Buy in boxes 😀 and eat with your partner 😀

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